Photo: Samuel Zeller

As this is a competition to reward architectural projects, the projects submitted shall be presented:
      / Either by the architect alone who designed the project with TECHNAL products, the name of the customer who carried out the work shall/may be cited,
      / Or by a supportive team made up of the architect and the metal builder.

Constructions admitted to take part in the competition must be for entirely delivered sites, i.e. accepted by the Project Owner between1 January 2015 and 15 April 2019.

Only the following may take part in this competition:
2017 and 2018 Technal France Awards prize-winners, for the rewarded project,
      / Project developers who took part in the last Technal Spain Awards, solely for the projects presented,
      / Customers of the Technal brand and architects associated with projects submitted for competition for all countries other than France and Spain.