Business Center de Oliveira de Azemeis Portugal Launch video

Jury comments:

Pedro Mendes

Jury comments:

“It’s an innovative building, with some simple striking forms highlighting the relationship with the land.”

Telmo Castro

Architect Agency
Telmo Castro & Pedro Mendes Architects

Câmara municipal de Oliveira de Azeméis, Joaquim Jorge Ferreira

Technal Metal Builder
José Carvalho, Metalcovo

Technal Solutions used
GEODE curtain wall and SOLEAL windows and doors

João Morgado

The main objective of the proposal is the articulation between the architecture and the natural elements of the place such as vegetation and light. The result is materialized in the presence of a two-storey building distributed in five interconnected blocks. This levitates on a great vacuum space whose envelope stands out for the superposition and contrast between planes of great visual permeability with opaque and porous surfaces. The systems that make up the perforations of the facades confer different perspectives that superimpose the natural and constructed values of the place to the experience of the new building.
Thus, the proposed use is designed with concrete in a structure of great flexibility and versatility with multiple possibilities of organization and occupation. The access to the building is organized in two levels: the first one from the covered zone of car park, with direct entrance to an atrium that leads to the first floor; and the second one, from a bridge in reinforced concrete that is divided in two ramps.
The relationship between the interior and exterior spaces is regulated by an external skin of porous metallic mesh that provides a great transparency towards the exterior as well as protecting the interior from direct solar incidence.

SOLEAL concealed sash windows installed contribute to improving the transparency of the façade.