The TOURMALINE veranda offers superior thermal insulation and versatility, adapting elegantly to any architectural style, and enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of buildings.

Roof with spine rafters or with a flat aesthetic

TECHNAL verandas empower you to conceptualize a spectrum of styles, from minimalist to elaborate, tailored to harmonize with your home and aspirations.

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A customized design

A minimalist aesthetic in line with the latest architectural trends

Customizable fillings

A wide choice of filling options: the possibility to mix glass and panels. Panels combined with thermal break profiles promote a balance between light, insulation, and security.

Optimized comfort

Lights integrated into the rafter, air extractors, and facade roller shutters

Made to last

When choosing new products for your home, you want to ensure that it will stand the test of time. We only use the highest-quality materials, fixtures and fittings so that you know they will always look as good as the day they were installed.


Traditional design, classic style


TECHNAL allows you to create the veranda of your dreams, adapting to all your desires and needs.

Personalize the aluminium colour

Discover an extensive array of aluminum colours before you. Customize your aluminium to harmonize perfectly with your space and personality. With durable, fade-resistant finishes, you can be confident that the aluminum colour you choose will retain its brilliance and elegance over time.


TECHNAL aluminum verandas offer exceptional performance due to their structure, providing a wide openness to the outside.

Modern design and advanced thermal properties: an ideal solution for enjoying a comfortable and bright living space all year round.

Environmental performance

Environmental performance: We offer high performing products, and our aluminium material contains at least 75% of recycled and 95% of recyclable content.

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Our TECHNAL approved aluminium fabricators are by your side to support you. From the first contact to the final completion, everything is done with one objective in mind - your satisfaction.

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