Create the additional space you need without causing heavy construction work.

Expanding Your Home with TECHNAL Solutions

Looking to gain additional space in your home but moving isn't an option? TECHNAL offers a wide range of personalized extension solutions, such as conservatories, that cater to your needs by creating functional and aesthetic spaces seamlessly integrated with your existing home.

Conservatories Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Installing a conservatory can address a need for space while also fulfilling a desire for change and renewal in your living area. Serving as a source of light, comfort, connection to the outdoors, and conviviality, your TECHNAL conservatory will transform your living space and bring your desires to life.

Each home is unique. Each need is distinct. That's why our conservatories are custom designed to seamlessly blend with your home's architecture and meet your requirements. Whether you're looking to add a new living area, a home office, or a leisure space, you'll find among the many conservatory configurations the solution that suits you.

Harmonious Integration with Your Home

We place great importance on the aesthetics and integration of our windows and doors into your home. Similarly, TECHNAL conservatories allow you to envision designs from the simplest lines to the most sophisticated patterns. In all cases, your conservatory should be conceived with the idea of enhancing the existing structure, whether through functional continuity or visual contrast.

This way, the shapes, finishes, and materials used seamlessly fit the architectural style of your property. The end result is an extension that feels like an integral part of your home, preserving its charm and character.

Quality Construction and Durability

Our extension solutions are designed to ensure energy efficiency and well-being. High-quality materials and advanced technologies guarantee weather resistance, long-term durability, and comfort for users regardless of the season. For over 60 years, we've been committed to providing high-quality products to offer functional and enjoyable living spaces for many years to come.

Comprehensive Support

Home extension projects might seem complex. That's why TECHNAL Accredited Aluminum Installers, located throughout France, offer advice and guidance from initial design to final execution. Benefit from personalized support at every stage of your project, ensuring that your extension is realized according to your requirements.

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