The Advantages of Aluminium

Aluminium windows and doors offer superior energy efficiency, robust sound insulation, and heightened security features.

Thermal Insulation

Windows play a crucial role in insulation, sealing, and reducing energy consumption. Aluminium windows effectively harness solar gains due to their large size and slim frames, providing excellent energy performance. Equipped with thermally broken profiles and insulated double glazing, they minimize heat loss and prevent cold air from entering. Well-equipped aluminium windows significantly contribute to reducing the building's energy consumption.

Sound Insulation

Sturdy and resilient, aluminium profiles with thick glazing effectively insulate against noise, enhancing occupants' comfort by ensuring perfect air and water tightness. To achieve good sound insulation, combine thermally broken profiles with double glazing featuring enhanced insulation. This combination will provide comfort and well-being in all circumstances.

Enhancing Housing Sound Insulation

The sound insulation of an older wall with a traditional window is typically between 23 and 25 dB. After renovations, improvements of around 5 to 10 dB can be achieved:

Sound insulation reaching 30 dB protects homes with low noise exposure, situated on streets with a daytime hourly traffic of no more than 150 vehicles. A 5 dB improvement is generally sufficient. Sound insulation reaching 35 dB is ideal for soundproofing moderately exposed structures, such as those bordering streets with traffic not exceeding 500 vehicles per hour. An improvement of about 10 dB gives the impression of halving the noise.


Deterrence is the choice against the risk of burglary! Your windows and glass doors should be chosen based not only on their appearance, technical, and acoustic properties but also on security considerations.

Before entering a house, burglars look for the least secure access point. In this regard, conventional windows and glass doors are frequently used entry points. Often, the fixing elements or locking points are neglected, offering low levels of resistance.

Technal exclusively relies on European anti-burglary resistance standards and official test reports, which are the only real guarantees of compliance with these standards. Technal offers a complete, approved, and transparent range of anti-burglary products: SOLEAL Window, SOLEAL Aluminum Door, SOLEAL French Door, and LUMEAL Sliding Door.

Known for its technical and aesthetic performance, the TECHNAL range also sets the standard for security.

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