How should I choose my window?

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What is the elevation of your window? Is it a fixture that you frequently utilize? In which direction is it facing? Moving past your visual preferences, here are pivotal inquiries you should contemplate, which will significantly influence your decision regarding the type of opening mechanism.

Owing to TECHNAL's extensive array of configurations coupled with their adaptable implementation strategy, you can invariably find a solution that resonates with your anticipations, spanning from the quintessential to the most venturesome.

Opening Principles

The predominant style of opening is often referred to as the French style or a swinging mechanism. This approach is versatile, aptly fitting a variety of situations irrespective of the window's shape. The tilt-and-turn option not only opens in the conventional French style but also incorporates a top hinge or bottom hinge, allowing for a tilting functionality; this latter method serves as a prime solution for facilitating room ventilation while substantially reducing the potential for unauthorized entry.

Specific Openings

Examples of Composite Sets

They allow for preserving the charm of an original opening while maximizing the glass surfaces.

Special Shapes

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