The fire door

Fire safety door


Pyroal: the ultimate fire safety solution

Safety isn't just about security; it's about being prepared for any eventuality. That's why we at TECHNAL are proud to provide our B2B clients with the high-quality, durable and reliable Pyroal fire safety door that's designed to protect their commercial spaces.


Some key things to note:

  • With a robust 77 mm module, Pyroal stands as a steadfast barrier against fires that may emerge within buildings. Its capabilities extend to glazed doors and partitions, making it a comprehensive fire safety solution.
  • Pyroal holds certifications that enable its usage across diverse environments, from public facilities like hospitals and retirement homes to collective housing, warehouses, and industrial premises.
  • Compliant with NF EN 1634 and EN 13501 standards, Pyroal covers a spectrum of fire safety needs with its E30 and EI30 doors and EI30 and E160 partitions.


At TECHNAL, safety and security solutions aren't just products; they're a commitment to your peace of mind. Whether it's the unbeatable bulletproof protection of Cobalt or the fire safety assurance of Pyroal, we help you redefine safety on all fronts. Reach out today to discover how our solutions can seamlessly integrate protection and elegance into your new builds or renovation projects.


Product benefits


  • 1 leaf door up to W 1.26 m x H 2.49 m
  • 2-leaf door, in composition
  • Main leaf: W 1.40 m x H 2.82 m
  • Semi-fixed frame: W 1.15 m x H 2.82 m
  • Partition up to W 1.24 m x H 2.35 m
  • Max weight up to 261 kg per leaf
  • Glass infill from 10 to 49 mm


  • 1 an 2-leaf, open-in and anti-panic door configurations
  • Configuration possible with a fixed side light and fixed top light
  • Glazed partition


  • Wide selection of accessories and locks:
  • Standard or electromagnetic lock,
  • Surface mounted or integrated closing mechanism (EI30 only)
  • Anti-panic / emergency exit range:
  • Anti-panic bar, Lock with automatic mechanical locking, Electric strike for emergency exit doors, Top door closer in accordance with EN 1154 - surface mounted or integrated (EI30 only)


  • Fire safety certified
  • E30 : flame resistance, guaranteeing a seal against combustion gases, fumes and flames for 30 minutes.
  • EI30: fire proofing, combining flame resistance and thermal shield properties to prevent the spread of heat for 30 minutes.
  • EI60: fire proofing, maintaining the seal and insulation for 60 minutes

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