Bullet proof slider

The security solution for sliders


When it comes to sliders, nothing surpasses the confidence instilled by Cobalt's bulletproof slider. Meticulously engineered to perfection, this slider is more than just a barrier; it's a fortress.

Key features include:

  • Modular Brilliance: A 150 mm module coupled with a 20 mm thermal break offers not only unbeatable security but also energy efficiency. This groundbreaking design sets new standards for both insulation and safety.
  • Unmatched Versatility: From penitentiary centers and police stations to nuclear power stations, our bullet-resistant sliding window is the embodiment of adaptability. Tailored to sensitive areas, it flawlessly integrates security into diverse environments.
  • Shielded Strength: Incorporating single or double rows of resilient shields into the frame and opening, you can choose between steel or aluminum shields to align with your desired ballistic performance.
  • Precision Impact Protection: Our slider is engineered to withstand impact shots, including slanting shots in window rabbets. This precision engineering ensures steadfast security in the face of potential threats.
  • Locking Flexibility: The Cobalt slider puts the power in your hands, offering various locking mechanisms such as pull handle locks, central key locks, and multi-point side closures.


More Features:

  • 150 mm module and thermal break of 20 mm
  • Ideal for sensitive areas types: penitentiary center, police station, nuclear power station ...
  • Single or double rows of shields integrated into the frame and the opening
  • Steel or aluminium shield depending on the ballistic performance wanted
  • Meets protection against impact shots (slanting shot in window rabbet)
  • Pull handle lock, central key lock or multi-point side closure

Product benefits


  • Max weight 300 kg with double cage profile
  • Glazing infill up to 61 mm (beyond, contact us)


  • Sliding system 2 or 3-leaf on 2 rails
  • Composition with fixed side light, fixed bottom light or fixed top light


  • With aluminium armour-plating, ballistic classification levels range: from FB2, FB3 to FB4 according to European standards
  • With steel armour-plating, ballistic classification levels range: FB5 and FB6 according to European standards


  • Air permeability: Class 3
  • Water tightness: Class 7A
  • Wind pressure resistance: Class A5
  • Slider 2-leaf (W 1.51 m x H 1.31 m)

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