"Tental curtain-wall expands design horizons"

Sami Zgheib - Technical Director
Sami Zgheib


"Tental curtain-wall expands design horizons" Sami Zgheib - Hydro Building Systems Middle East - Technical Director

TECHNAL, a brand of Norsk Hydro – the Norwegian group whose business focuses on aluminium extrusions – says its newly launched aluminium system for designing building envelopes offers multiple creative options, accommodates large glazing units and has the lowest environmental impact.

The new Tental curtain-wall is described as being the perfect solution for the current needs in the building industry in terms of design and sustainability.
“It has four new patents that enable optimising materials, simplify manufacture, and facilitate installation, which is carried out dry, with no glue or sealants used on-site, no packaging and no waste,” says Sami Zgheib, the Technical Director at Hydro Building Systems Middle East.

The Tental curtain-wall was created with a view to offering architects and consultants an extensive range of solutions that give them as much creative freedom as possible when designing a façade.

“It is a unique platform, with 50-mm and 60-mm-wide aluminium profiles, that allows for designing modular curtain-walls with large-sized glazing units, in line with the latest trends that seek maximum transparency along with the minimum view of profiles,” he explains.

Each module of the Tental 60 can integrate panels weighing up to 850 kg, with a surface area of more than 12 sq m, depending on the type of glass used. It offers a wide range of aesthetic solutions to suit the requirements of any project: from the capped design to the semi-capped design, which emphasises either the horizontal lines of the transoms or the vertical lines of the mullions, to the flat cap, creating a smooth look of the profiles and glazing. A wide range of caps designs is available for these configurations, according to Technal...

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