LXR Mango house by jt+partners

Mahé, Seychelles
LXR Mango House


LXR Mango House by JT+Partners


LXR Mango House is a small luxury boutique hotel built on an existing property on the south western side of Mahé Island. The property originally belonged to Italian travel and fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, whose spacious manor house has been transformed into the hotel’s main public building.

“The project is a dream project for any architect, and at the same time, it is challenging because of its location, surrounding, and integration with nature” says Joe Tabet.


On his first site visit, Joe Tabet (the architect) informed the client that any architectural intervention would harm the environment, and at that stage Joe was at the edge of saying no to design project. However, the JT+Partners team accepted the challenge as they wanted to preserve the nature and beauty of the original site morphology and decided that the Mango House project would complete the nature and not compete with it.

Along with the environmental authorities of the Seychelles, we carefully looked at the site and identified which tree could be relocated, removed or kept, without touching the main Mango tree (which is around 150 years old – one of the oldest on the island) existing in the property


The House has an electric vernaculat contemporary style bringing together local, colonial and international design. From its perch on the rocks where the tropical breeze meets the private beach, the development immerses in the dramatic location and optimizes unspoiled views across the Indian Ocean.