The Science of Sound: How Technal's Door and Glass Products Enhance Acoustic Comfort

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The Science of Sound: How Technal's Door and Glass Products Enhance Acoustic Comfort

With urban sprawl and technological advancements rendering silence an increasingly rare commodity, acoustic comfort within architectural spaces has become a key consideration for architects, builders, and inhabitants alike.

This is where Technal, a French multinational specializing in crafting aluminum construction systems, including door and glass solutions, plays a pivotal role. With over six decades of expertise, Technal offers solutions that meet contemporary architecture's aesthetic and functional demands while addressing the challenges of sound insulation through its innovative door and glass products.

Understanding Acoustic Comfort

Acoustic comfort is defined by the ability of an environment to provide conditions devoid of disruptive noise levels. It is a crucial factor in the well-being and productivity of individuals, affecting spaces ranging from residential complexes to educational institutions and corporate offices. The science behind achieving acoustic comfort involves controlling both the transmission of external noise into an interior space and the reverberation of sound within it, where the role of building materials, including door and glass systems, is crucial.

Technal’s Contribution to Acoustic Comfort

Technal’s aluminum construction systems, especially its doors and glass components, work in harmony to address noise pollution. These systems offer superior sound insulation that enhances the acoustic comfort of enclosed spaces.

Material Innovation

Aluminum, when precision-engineered for door and glass applications, can be conducive to sound insulation. Technal’s research and development team has harnessed these properties through material innovation, developing aluminum profiles for doors and windows that minimize sound transmission. Success is also achieved through innovations like incorporating thermal breaks and specialized insulating materials within the profiles, which disrupt sound waves and reduce their ability to penetrate the interior space.

Seal Integrity

The effectiveness of a sound insulation system, particularly in door and glass installations, significantly depends on its seals' integrity. Technal's door and glass products feature high-quality sealing systems that ensure airtight and watertight closures. These seals play a critical role in preventing intrusion from external noise, contributing significantly to the space's overall acoustic comfort.

Glazing Technology

The choice of glazing is pivotal in the sound insulation performance of doors and windows. Technal utilizes advanced glazing technology in its door and glass products, incorporating double or triple glazing with varied thicknesses and laminated glass options. These glazing solutions are specifically engineered to absorb and reflect sound waves, significantly reducing external noise transmission. The air or inert gas layer between the glass panes in doors and windows acts as an acoustic buffer, enhancing sound insulation effectiveness.

Customized Solutions

Recognizing that acoustic requirements can vary significantly across projects, Technal offers customized door and glass solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project. By conducting thorough acoustic assessments, Technal's experts determine the optimal configuration of materials, seals, and glazing to achieve the desired level of sound insulation, ensuring that each door and glass system meets the acoustic comfort expectations of its clients.

Industry Standards and Certifications

Technal’s commitment to enhancing acoustic comfort, especially through its door and glass systems, is underscored by its adherence to stringent industry standards and certifications. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed the performance criteria for sound insulation set by regulatory bodies.


Technal ensures that its aluminum construction systems, particularly doors and glass, meet contemporary architecture's aesthetic and functional demands. Our systems enhance the well-being of inhabitants by offering unparalleled acoustic comfort through door and glass innovations. Technal’s contributions to the field of acoustic comfort through its door and glass solutions are indicative of a future where serene and quiet spaces become the norm in our increasingly noisy world.