Technal's Curtain Walls: Meeting The Challenges of Extreme Weather Conditions

The Challenges of Extreme Weather Conditions
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Technal's Curtain Walls: Meeting The Challenges of Extreme Weather Conditions

When it comes to architecture and building design, developing structures that can withstand the harshness of extreme weather conditions is a significant challenge and one that is particularly pronounced in regions such as the Middle East. Here, the climate is characterized by extremely high temperatures, and sandstorms are also a common occurrence. It is of high importance for buildings in these regions to be shielded against such severe weather, and one solution that offers additional protection is aluminum curtain walls. Curtain walls serve as a protective outer layer for a building, forming a shield between the building and the external environment. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of utilizing curtain walls in locations with extreme climates, and how Technal’s aluminum curtain wall system can help improve and protect structures from harm.

Curtain walls are not a new concept. They have been part of architectural designs for many years. However, with advancements in technology and materials, they have evolved to become more sophisticated and effective in their protective capacity. Technal has been at the forefront of innovation in curtain wall technology. Our aluminum curtain wall system not only meets the requirements of protection but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring that buildings are not just safe and secure but also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable. 

A curtain wall serves as a non-structural outer layer of a building, securely attached to the building's framework without bearing any of the building's dead load. It functions as a protective barrier but also serves to enhance the building's visual appeal. Typically constructed from lightweight materials, curtain walls are an optimal solution for high-rise buildings, providing both protection and elegance without adding extra weight to the structure. These walls can be crafted from a variety of materials, including glass, metal, or a combination of both, offering architects and designers flexibility in achieving their vision.


Technal's aluminum curtain wall system

Technal is a renowned supplier of sustainable, low-carbon aluminum doors, windows, facades, and more. We provide a cutting-edge aluminum curtain wall system designed to withstand the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions, ensuring the safety and integrity of buildings. Our curtain wall system is the product of advanced manufacturing techniques that guarantee not only a quality installation but performance that stands the test of time. The robustness and reliability of Technal’s curtain walls are owed to our rigorous testing and compliance with European standards, ensuring resilience against wind, water, and air permeability. Let’s explore some of the features of our curtain wall solution.


Design freedom

Technal’s curtain wall system is not just about protection. It also offers a variety of design options, including the GEODE visible grid, concealed projecting top-hung, and Trame Horizontale. These design options provide architects and designers with the flexibility to craft unique and visually stunning building facades, all while ensuring the utmost protection against extreme weather conditions.


Thermal efficiency

Technal curtain walls are further enhanced by advanced thermal performance, with the standard GEODE visible grid solution providing optimal thermal insulation for buildings. This is achieved through a 34mm TPE thermal isolator situated between the pressure plates and the mullion and transom structure, which ensures that the building remains energy-efficient. The system also boasts impressive air, water, and wind resistance, meeting and exceeding European and CWCT standards. The curtain walls are engineered to achieve impressive thermal insulation values as low as Ucw = 0.8 W/m²K. This feature plays a crucial role in maintaining a balanced indoor temperature, ensuring that the interiors remain cool during the summer months and comfortably warm in the winter. The result is a notable reduction in energy consumption, leading to cost savings, and a consistently pleasant indoor environment that enhances the comfort of the occupants.


Multiple options

Additionally, the curtain wall system also offers a range of profile depths and a variety of infill options, including glass and insulated panels, providing architects and designers with even more creative freedom. The system includes options for both flat and faceted curtain walling, along with a diverse range of glazing choices. This versatility provides architects and designers with the freedom to craft unique and aesthetically pleasing building facades, ensuring that buildings are not only high-performing but also visually striking. 

With its advanced features, variety of design options, and robust construction, Technal’s curtain wall system is a reliable and smart choice for any architectural project.


Ready to enhance your building with Technal’s curtain wall solution?

The use of curtain walls is an innovative solution for protecting buildings from extreme weather conditions. Technal's advanced aluminum curtain wall system combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, ensuring that buildings are not only protected from the elements but also energy-efficient and comfortable for occupants. With a range of design options and performance benefits, Technal's curtain walls are a smart choice for any building project.

Choose Technal for a solution that meets the challenges of extreme weather conditions head-on, ensuring the longevity and performance of your building for years to come. 

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