Technal colors and finishes for aluminum projects

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Technal colors and finishes for aluminum projects

When it comes to architectural innovation and modern design today, the possibilities should be endless. At Technal, we believe in creativity and exploring new frontiers in building design and development. That’s why we provide designers and architects with an expansive range of finishes and colors for our aluminum doors and windows. Five color and finish ranges help you bring your client’s vision to life. Let’s explore the Selection, Exclusive, Exclusives - Middle East, Anodised, and Wood Effects range of Technal finishes and colors, and discover the perfect creative solution for your project.

Technal’s finishes and color product ranges

The Exclusive Color Range

Technal’s Exclusive Range consists of two collections; the Classic and Downtown collections. Each offers a unique appeal that can transform a project with sleek, timeless colors and textures, enabling developers and architects to create something truly unique for each project.

  • The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is made up of an exclusive, one-of-a-kind selection of finishes for aluminum doors and windows that each offer different material effects. From grained, frosted, and patina, the design possibilities of metal are truly explored in this collection, to achieve the perfect combination of color, texture and light.

  • The Downtown Collection

The Downtown Collection has been developed in creative collaboration with skilled architects and consists of eight exclusive color options designed to enhance our aluminum products. Through a perfect balance of materials and light effects, the Downtown Collection captures the simplicity and understated elegance of subtle colors that are reminiscent of natural materials.

The Exclusives - Middle East Edition Color Range

Buildng on from the Exclusive Collection, this Middle Eastern edition is a special selection of three new aluminum finishes inspired by the Middle East itself. Each color finish offers a different material effect that captures the dynamic essence of the region.

The Anodised Finish Range

Technal’s Anodised selection is a top-of-the-range product offering three collections, with unique finishes inspired by the surface treatments of metals and their alloys.

  • The Metal Vision Collection

Steel, titanium and stainless steel hold the ability to highlight architectural creativity and design with almost liquid clarity. Through a pure and simple essence of modernity, these finishes enhance raw, composite or refined materials, while simultaneously playing with both high-end, luxurious and minimalist, clean effects.

  • The Precious Metal Collection

The Precious Metal Collection offers designers five richly sophisticated finishes that highlight and emphasize architectural innovation with elegance and style. From the black diamond finish with dark, sleek ink, to platinum, with its soft, golden modulation, the collection offers a new level of elegant innovation.

  • The High-Tech Colors Collection

With rich, electrifying colors that charge Technal products with vibrancy and dynamism, the High-Tech collection offers strong, unique colors that make your project signature and standalone. This collection can adapt to enhance any project, whether utilized to highlight architectural style or combined with new, exciting materials such as polychrome to create a sharp, innovative aesthetic.

The Wood Effects Range

Sometimes the best design option comes from a wood effect that can preserve or accentuate a traditional style. With Technal, your aluminum doors and windows can also be completed to realistically mimic wooden finishes. Designers can select from eight wood effects ranging from light to dark, suiting all architectural styles effortlessly.

The Selection Color Range

The Selection range is Technal’s latest offering. A range informed by trend, innovation, and design, Selection provides four new color options created for living architecture that is brought to life through dynamic shades and textures.

  • The Deep Black Collection

Deep Black is a color collection with the muted lustre of an ore splashed with meteoric sparkle, creating a black depth surface that absorbs light. With hues of earthy brown, calming ash, or smoky patinas, this collection has endless possibilities, with options available in either a satin or textured finish.

  • The Perfect Light Collection

Create a sense of calm with the Perfect Light Collection. With seven colors to choose from, Perfect Light is a progression of light, from a delicate hint of grey to a pure, snowy white. Choose from satin or textured finishes and create a liquid silk effect or natural-looking patina.

  • The Hybrid Nature Collection

Embrace architecture and design that embodies change and adaptation with the Hybrid Nature Collection. Subtle colors create a soft but versatile presence that communicates quiet, sophisticated harmony. 

  • The Colour Perspective Collection

Colour Perspective creates a celebration of color in all projects this collection is utilized for! Elevate your architectural design with a collection of authentic, vibrant and fresh colors. With finishes available in either satin or textured options, this collection embodies a harmonious balance between the inert and the living that spans ivy, rust, gold, wood, ochre, and multicolored jaspers.

About Technal’s aluminum solutions

As an aluminum building specialist of Hydro, a leading industrial manufacturer, Technal utilizes Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminum in our expansive range of products that include curtain walls, windows, doors, and balustrades. Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminum is developed with a minimum of 75% recycled, post-consumer aluminum scrap. By using this low-carbon solution for our products, Technal actively contributes to lowering carbon emissions and creating sustainable building and construction practices. Hydro CIRCAL contains 2.3kgs of CO2 per kg, which is a significant 73% less than the European average. Additionally, Technal focuses on utilizing localized supply chains for the development and distribution of Hydro CIRCAL aluminum products. This enables us to minimize our transportation emissions. Through Technal’s sustainability efforts, we are able to produce 95% less energy consumption.

Technal’s product and color solutions open up a world of possibilities for architectural innovation and design. Explore the color collections for our aluminum doors and windows and develop a creative masterpiece with us or contact us today for a no-obligation quote with a quick turnaround time.