Speeding Up Construction Times with Unitized Facade Systems

Unitized Facade Systems
Unitized Facade Systems


Speeding Up Construction Times with Unitized Facade Systems

Time is a critical factor in modern construction, and achieving efficiency and rapid completion is essential. Unitized facade systems stand at the forefront of this challenge, revolutionizing how we approach the construction of building exteriors. These curtain wall facade systems expedite construction timelines, offering developers a crucial advantage in today's fast-paced industry. 


Technal, a renowned leader in facade solutions, has embraced this innovative technology. We deliver expert unitized facades that are constructed swiftly and maintain high standards of quality and efficiency. In this blog, we’ll explore how Technal’s unitized facades help speed up construction time, achieve faster project completion dates, and improve efficiency.


Understanding unitized facade systems


Unitized facades have transformed modern construction, assembling a building’s exterior from prefabricated units. This method is distinguished by its production process, which occurs in a controlled factory environment. This ensures a consistent level of quality that is harder to achieve with traditional construction methods. It also mitigates the impact of unpredictable factors, such as adverse weather conditions, which can often delay construction schedules.


Each facade unit is crafted precisely in this controlled environment, integrating elements like glazing, panels, and building technology. This pre-integration streamlines the construction process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. Once these units are complete, they are transported to the construction site, ready for installation.


A key factor in accelerating construction times is the rapid installation rates that prefabricated units allow. Upon arrival at the site, the units are quickly assembled and fastened using a specialized anchoring system. This systematic approach enables each facade unit to be installed swiftly and facilitates the independent completion of individual building storeys. This is particularly advantageous in the construction of tall buildings or expansive facade surfaces, where traditional building methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.


Technal's expertise in unitized curtain wall facade systems shines through in this process. Our facades are designed for maximum efficiency, ensuring that the assembly at the construction site is as simple and practical as possible. By eliminating the need for extensive scaffolding and reducing reliance on favorable weather conditions, Technal's unitized facades significantly reduce construction time and associated costs.


How Technal’s facades help speed up construction


  1. Efficiency in production: Technal's unitized facades are produced in series in a workshop environment. This controlled setting allows for a more efficient, cost-effective production process, ensuring high-quality output.


  1. Design flexibility: Each construction project is unique, and Technal's systems are tailored to meet specific architectural requirements. This flexibility allows for creative freedom in design, ensuring each building stands out.


  1. Rapid on-site assembly: The prefabricated units can be quickly assembled on-site without extensive scaffolding. This not only speeds up the construction process but also reduces labor costs.


  1. High performance and aesthetics: Technal's systems also offer excellent thermal and sound insulation, contributing to the building's overall energy efficiency. The narrow sightlines in the design ensure maximum transparency and a sleek appearance.


  1. Renovation and retrofitting: Our systems are ideal for renovation projects, allowing buildings to be upgraded with minimal disruption to operations. This is particularly beneficial for structures that cannot cease operations during renovation.


Streamlining construction with just-in-time logistics


Integrating just-in-time logistics in unitized facade systems also streamlines the construction process. This strategic approach ensures that the prefabricated units are delivered to the construction site precisely when needed. This reduces the need for on-site storage, saving space and minimizing the risk of damage to materials that can occur with prolonged storage. This timely delivery is essential in maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted construction flow, eliminating unnecessary delays that are often a challenge in traditional building methods.


Our just-in-time delivery model is ideally suited to the fast-paced nature of modern construction projects. It allows for a more organized and efficient use of resources, both in materials and manpower. As our prefabricated unitized facades arrive ready for immediate installation, the construction team can focus on the swift assembly of these units without the hindrance of managing a large inventory of materials on-site. This logistical efficiency speeds up the construction timeline and contributes to a more cost-effective building process.


Embracing modern construction methods with Technal


Technal's unitized facade systems offer a significant advancement in construction technology. By reducing construction times, ensuring high-quality outputs, and offering design flexibility, our systems are an ideal solution for modern building projects. Whether it's a new construction or a renovation, Technal’s innovative approach to facades is setting new standards in the industry.


For more information on Technal’s unitized curtain wall facade systems or to explore our range of aluminum doors, windows, balustrades, and more, visit our website or contact us for a detailed consultation.