Noteal Shutters from Technal: Adding Stylish Sun Protection to Your Next Development

Noteal Shutters from Technal
Noteal shutters


Noteal Shutters from Technal: Adding Stylish Sun Protection to Your Next Development

When considering the design and functionality of a building, whether it's for a commercial or residential project, the integration of effective sun protection systems is crucial. Not only do these systems enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building, but they also play a significant role in energy efficiency and occupant comfort. While developers are spoiled for choice when it comes to window shutters, Technal’s Noteal shutters stand out as a versatile, stylish solution. In this blog, we will explore the Noteal shutter range offered by Technal, highlighting their role as sun breakers for curtain walls, facade sun breakers, facade shading systems, and solar protection shutters.


Exploring the Noteal shutter range

Noteal shutters are a comprehensive range that includes blinds, roller shutters, and hinged shutters, offering a solution for every need. These shutters are not just about controlling light and providing shade; they enhance the building's overall functionality and aesthetic. The range is designed for new builds and renovation projects, making it a flexible choice for various architectural styles.


Roller shutters: Modern and efficient

The roller shutter option within the Noteal shutter range represents a blend of modern design and operational efficiency. These shutters are designed to meet the challenges of controlling incoming sunlight, providing natural ventilation, and optimize natural light in contemporary buildings.


  • Design and configuration: The Noteal roller shutters are available in various suspended roller shutter solutions, starting from a 30 mm module. This modular approach allows a high degree of customization to suit different architectural styles and project requirements.


  • Motorization options: An optional track-operated motor system can be integrated, enhancing the ease of use. This motorization is built into a horizontal strip, ensuring a seamless and stylish appearance. The operation is simplified, allowing easy movement and locking/unlocking the shutters.


  • Technical aspects: The motorization is designed for universal use, with automatic adjustment to the power supply. It is adapted to high-humidity regions, with electrical components suitable for tropical environments. This universality means that all countries can implement motorization regardless of climatic conditions.


  • Installation and warranty: The motorization system is easy to install and use and compatible with home automation systems for integration into centralized management scenarios. It comes with a three-year guarantee, and the motor is separate from the frame for easy access during maintenance operations.

Hinged shutters: A touch of traditional elegance

The hinged shutters in the Noteal shutters range nod to traditional aesthetics, offering a timeless elegance that complements modern and classic architectural styles. These shutters are particularly suited for renovation projects, where maintaining the building's original character is essential.


  • Range of styles: The hinged shutters come in various styles, including the “Niçoise style”, which is manually operated via top hinges. This style is known for its fixed louvre blades that provide partial shade while promoting natural ventilation, making it an excellent choice for facade sun breakers.


  • Customization: The hinged shutters can be tailored to respect and enhance the regional identity of a building. Options include bar and brace shutters, solid shutters, fixed or movable louvres, full-height or with a transom, and combination shutters. This versatility allows for a perfect match with the existing architectural elements of a building.


  • Material and durability: Like all products in the Noteal range, the hinged shutters are made from high-quality materials such as aluminum profiles compliant with various EN standards and fittings cast from EN 12844-compliant Zamak 5. This ensures long-term performance and minimal maintenance.


  • Enhanced security: These shutters not only provide aesthetic value but also enhance the security of a building. The robust construction and locking mechanisms contribute to delayed forced entry, adding an extra layer of security.


  • Solar protection and ventilation: The design of the hinged shutters allows for effective solar protection, offering full or partial shade as needed. Additionally, the option for movable blades enables natural ventilation, contributing to a comfortable indoor environment.


Important features in the Noteal range


The Noteal range offers developers a stylish and robust choice for solar protection. Let’s explore some of the key features on offer:


  • Technical performance and innovation

Technal's Noteal range is not just about aesthetics; it also boasts impressive technical performance. The shutters are tested under European standards and offer excellent wind performance. This technical prowess makes them an ideal choice for sun breakers for curtain walls, where durability and reliability are paramount.


  • Comfort and security

One of the key features of the Noteal range is the emphasis on comfort and security. The shutters provide full or partial shade, natural ventilation, and enhanced security with forced entry delay. This combination of features makes them an excellent choice for residential and commercial buildings.


  • Locking mechanisms and motorization

The locking mechanisms in the Noteal range are designed for ease of use and security. The aluminum lock and strike plate are reversible and adjustable, providing an added layer of security. For those looking for convenience, the simplified motorization option, Noteal Move, offers easy use and integration with home automation systems.


  • Materials, parts, and finishes

As with all Technal systems, the Noteal range uses only the highest quality materials and components. The aluminum profiles are extruded from high-grade alloys, ensuring minimal maintenance and long-term performance. The range also offers various finishes and colors, allowing architects and designers to tailor the shutters to their specific project requirements.

Choosing Technal for your sun protection design solution

Noteal shutters from Technal are more than just sun protection; they are a design statement that enhances the functionality and aesthetic of any building. Whether you are looking for facade shading systems, solar protection shutters, or stylish sun breakers for curtain walls, the Noteal range offers a solution that is both innovative and elegant. By choosing Noteal, you’re choosing a product that will add value and style to your development for years.

For more information on the Noteal range and other Technal products, such as our aluminum doors, windows, curtails and facades, visit our website or contact us for a no-obligation quote.