Innovative Facades in Modern Architecture: Spotlight on Wasl Tower and Lusail Plaza

Spotlight on Wasl Tower and Lusail Plaza
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Innovative Facades in Modern Architecture: Spotlight on Wasl Tower and Lusail Plaza

Modern architecture continually pushes the boundaries of design and innovation, transforming city skylines into symbols of progress and creativity. In the Middle East, two projects stand out for their groundbreaking approaches: the Wasl Tower in Dubai and Lusail Plaza in Qatar. Both projects showcase the exceptional work of Technal, a leading provider of architectural aluminum in the region, known for its sustainable infrastructure solutions and high precision in construction.


Wasl Tower: A Dynamic Twist in Dubai's Skyline


The Wasl Tower is an architectural marvel that redefines the Dubai skyline. This stunning skyscraper is renowned for its twisting ceramic facade, which creates a dynamic visual impact. As the tower ascends, the facade twists, resulting in a distinctive appearance that changes when viewed from different angles.


Technal, in collaboration with its metal builder, Technical Glass & Aluminium, played a pivotal role in executing this complex project. The facade's innovative design required advanced techniques and high-quality materials to ensure structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Using ceramic in the facade adds to the building's visual allure and contributes to its durability and sustainability.


One of the remarkable aspects of the Wasl Tower is its dynamic lighting system. The integrated lighting enhances the facade's twisting design, making the tower a vibrant part of Dubai's nighttime skyline. This project underscores Technal's ability to deliver unique and challenging architectural solutions, reflecting its commitment to innovation and excellence.


Lusail Plaza: Architectural Marvels in Qatar


Lusail Plaza in Qatar exemplifies Technal's expertise in architectural aluminum systems. This ambitious project features four iconic towers set to become landmarks in Lusail City. The towers are distinguished by their complex cold bending and integrated shading fins, which enhance the aesthetic appeal and improve the buildings' energy efficiency.


Technal, in partnership with Alutec, employed Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) techniques to execute the Lusail Plaza project. These techniques ensured precision in the construction process, allowing for the complex structural elements to be seamlessly integrated into the design. The use of advanced aluminum systems provided by Technal played a crucial role in achieving the project's architectural and sustainability goals.


The Lusail Plaza project demanded the supply of more than 5,000 metric tonnes of aluminum, a testament to Technal's robust supply chain capabilities. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Technal successfully delivered high-quality materials, underscoring its reliability and efficiency.


Technal's Role in Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030


Beyond these flagship projects, Technal is actively contributing to transforming the Saudi Arabian market. Driven by the country's ambitious Vision 2030 plan, which emphasizes economic diversification and sustainable development, Technal is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for innovative infrastructure solutions.


Technal's strategic involvement in high-profile projects such as Sindalah Island in Neom and King Salman Park in Riyadh highlights its capacity to handle large-scale developments. These projects, each with unique demands and challenges, showcase Technal's ability to integrate smart city technologies and sustainable building practices.


Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions


Sustainability is at the core of Technal's operations. Our company offers a range of energy-efficient architectural aluminum systems, including windows, doors, facades, skylights, and pergolas. One of Technal's key innovations is Circal, an aluminum alloy made from at least 75% recycled post-consumer aluminum scrap. Adopting Circal in Technal systems has significantly reduced embodied CO2 emissions, aligning with global sustainability trends and local strategic goals such as Saudi Vision 2030.


Technal's commitment to sustainability extends to its operational practices. We have expanded its services and presence in the region, setting up a dedicated warehouse in Bahrain and opening experience centers in Dubai and Bahrain. These initiatives enhance Technal's ability to support the construction industry with premium, sustainable solutions.




Technal's involvement in the Wasl Tower and Lusail Plaza projects exemplifies its role as a leader in innovative facade solutions and sustainable construction practices. By pushing the boundaries of design and engineering, Technal continues to shape the architectural landscape of the Middle East.


As the demand for sustainable infrastructure solutions grows, particularly in markets like Saudi Arabia, Technal is poised to play a crucial role in meeting these needs. Leveraging its extensive experience and commitment to sustainability, Technal is not just building structures but also contributing to a sustainable future.


Technal's dedication to innovation and excellence ensures that we remain at the forefront of the architectural aluminum industry, delivering outstanding buildings that stand as symbols of progress and sustainability.


Unveil the possibilities! Schedule a free consultation with Technal to discuss your project, or visit our website to explore exciting options. The future of sustainable building awaits.