Improving Fire Safety Measures With Doors From Technal

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Improving Fire Safety Measures With Doors From Technal

Fire safety is a critical concern in building development, especially in public settings, where the welfare of many people is at stake. The potential for rapid fire spread in hospitals, schools, and offices is high due to the density of occupants and equipment. In such settings, effective fire safety measures become even more crucial. 

Fire-resistant doors are a vital addition to any building. They act as a first line of defense, containing fires within a confined area and preventing the spread of smoke and flames. This is vital for safe evacuation and enabling firefighters to control and extinguish fires effectively. Technal recognizes the need for stringent fire safety measures in buildings, and our PYROAL fire safety door is an exemplary solution. In this blog, we’ll explore the key features of this safety door.


The role of fire-resistant doors in enhancing safety

Fire-resistant doors help create safe zones in buildings, facilitating safer evacuation during fires. By working as a barrier, they contain fires in specific areas, minimizing damage and allowing occupants time to evacuate. Fire doors also help reduce the spread of toxic smoke and gases, which are often more dangerous than flames. 

Developers can enhance their fire response strategy by incorporating such safety and security solutions. This ensures compliance with fire safety regulations and instills confidence among occupants and visitors, knowing that the building is well-equipped to handle fire emergencies. Fire safety doors also contribute to the overall structural integrity of a building during a fire, preventing it from compromising other critical safety systems and structural components.


Technal PYROAL doors: A certified solution

Our PYROAL fire safety door is an advanced safety and security solution for modern development. Certified with E30, EI30, and EI60 classifications, our doors meet stringent standards (NF EN 1634 and EN 13501) and are suitable for many public facilities and buildings.

PYROAL doors blend functionality and design. These aluminum doors with thermal breaks come in various configurations, including 1- and 2-leaf options, with or without anti-panic features. Their resistance to flames and flammable gases makes them an ideal choice for ensuring safety. Let’s explore some of their key features:


  1. Enhanced accessibility and performance

Accessibility is paramount for fire safety doors, and Technal has designed PYROAL with disabled access thresholds that meet regulatory requirements while maintaining high sealing performance. PYROAL doors also comply with stringent fire resistance categories, guaranteeing exceptional performance under critical conditions. 

With dimensions of W. 1400 x H. 2826 mm (main leaf) and W. 1157 x H. 2826 mm (semi-fixed leaf), PYROAL is adaptable for various architectural applications. The door bears a maximum weight of up to 261kg per leaf, catering to multiple building designs and requirements. These features enhance the safety, functionality, and accessibility of buildings, making the PYROAL range a superior choice for modern construction and refurbishment projects.


  1. Integration of advanced closure systems

PYROAL doors offer advanced closure systems, a crucial aspect of any fire safety and security solution. The doors have sophisticated locking mechanisms, including 1- to 3-point locks, electric locks, and electric strikes. This range of options ensures that the doors can be tailored to meet the specific security needs of different building types. Anti-panic bars and locks with anti-panic functions further enable quick and safe evacuation, and the doors also offer a choice of handles. These include screw-in or clamp-mounted options, also enhancing usability and accessibility.


Specialized closure systems such as electric safety locks and strikes are designed for emergency exit doors. These systems comply with EN 1125 / EN 179 standards, meeting the highest safety requirements. The integration of these advanced closure systems in the PYROAL doors underscores Technal's commitment to providing safety solutions that are both effective and user-friendly, catering to the diverse needs of modern buildings.


  1. Materials and durability: The Technal Promise

Our commitment to quality and durability shines in the construction process of our fire-resistant doors. PYROAL doors are crafted using top-tier materials, ensuring they stand the test of time, even under challenging conditions. The main framework uses construction-grade 6060 alloys, renowned for strength and resilience. This material ensures that the doors withstand high temperatures and intense pressure during a fire, providing reliable protection.


Alongside robust aluminum profiles, PYROAL doors incorporate PA6-6 polyamide thermal breaks. These thermal breaks are crucial for enhancing the doors' insulation properties. By preventing the transfer of heat, thermal breaks play a significant role in maintaining the integrity of the doors during a fire emergency.


The durability of PYROAL is further enhanced by EPDM seals, known for their excellent resistance to heat, UV rays, and various chemicals. This ensures that the doors remain effective and functional over a long period. The incorporation of stainless steel screws in the construction of the doors also adds to their overall strength and durability. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and wear, making it an ideal choice for components that require longevity and reliability.


Prioritizing safety with Technal solutions


The materials and construction techniques used in our PYROAL doors reflect our dedication to durable, high-quality safety and security solutions. By prioritizing premium materials and innovative design, Technal ensures that our fire-resistant doors offer immediate protection, long-term reliability, and minimal maintenance.


By choosing Technal PYROAL doors, developers can significantly enhance fire safety measures, ensuring occupants' and property managers' protection and peace of mind. Find out more about PYROAL doors or explore our range of aluminum windows, facades, balustrades, and more when you visit our website, or contact us today for a no-obligation quote with a quick turnaround time.