Exploring The Technal Artline Xl Sliding Door for Your Next Project

Technal Artline Xl Sliding Door
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Exploring The Technal Artline Xl Sliding Door for Your Next Project

When it comes to modern home design, sliding doors have become synonymous with style and functionality. They save space and enhance a home's aesthetic appeal, creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas. Among the various options available, thermal break sliding doors stand out for their energy efficiency and comfort. For sustainability-oriented developers, the Artline XL sliding door by Technal is an ideal sliding door solution that champions efficiency without compromising design. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the Artline XL and explore its key features.


The Artline XL: A synthesis of design and functionality

The Artline XL sliding door is an industry gold standard in minimal sliding door solutions, designed to bring a sense of spaciousness and unobstructed views to any architectural project. Its design philosophy revolves around minimalism and transparency, making it an ideal choice for those who value aesthetics and performance.

  • Sleek, stylish design concept

The Artline XL is a testament to the beauty of minimalistic design. It features a nearly frameless aspect, with the outer frame concealed within the building’s construction. This design choice enhances the door's visual appeal and contributes to its slim profile. The sightline of the sashes varies between 0 and 31.5 mm, ensuring maximum transparency. Additionally, the door offers various applications, from 2 and 3 rails versions to floating corners and pocket solutions, making it versatile for different architectural needs.


  • Large dimensions for grand openings

When it comes to large sliding doors, the Artline XL is a game-changer. It supports maximum sizes up to H = 4500 mm and can handle weights up to 1200 kg per sash. For panes weighing over 500 kg, motorization is recommended, enhancing ease of use and accessibility.


  • Durability and highly efficient performance

In terms of performance, the Artline XL meets the highest standards. It boasts excellent thermal insulation with a Uw value of less than 1.0 W/m².K, making it one of the most efficient double-glazed sliding doors. Its air permeability, water tightness, and wind pressure resistance are top-notch, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions. The door has also passed rigorous cyclic and corrosion tests, cementing our promise of durability and longevity.


  • The safe, accessible choice for security and comfort

The Artline XL doesn’t compromise on security. It offers burglar resistance of RC2, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners. Additionally, its ground-recessed design provides total access comfort, making it an inclusive choice for various users.


  • A sustainable step towards eco-friendly living

In line with Technal’s commitment to sustainability, the Artline XL is available in Hydro CIRCAL aluminum, which contains a minimum of 75% recycled end-of-life aluminum. This material has one of the lowest CO2 footprints worldwide, making the Artline XL a responsible choice for environmentally conscious consumers.


  • Maximizing light and transparency

The Artline XL’s design maximizes the clear glass area, enhancing the openness of the architectural design. The threshold is lowered into the floor, and the frame is built inside the walls at the sides, offering a frameless appearance. The handles are stylishly integrated into the profiles, accentuating the minimal sliding door design.


  • Hidden frames for an unobstructed view

The door’s frames can be recessed, making them almost entirely invisible. This feature, combined with the slim interlocks, offers unparalleled transparency, perfect for projects aiming for a sleek, modern look.


  • Our pocket solution: The epitome of transparency

The Artline XL’s pocket solution boasts incredibly slim interlocks and offers stunning transparency, setting a new standard in aluminum sliding doors. This a design feature where the sliding door panels can completely disappear into a compartment in the wall when opened, creating a beautifully unobstructed view.


  • Security and performance

Despite its minimalistic design, the Artline XL is designed for high security. Our doors have been rigorously tested for water tightness, air permeability, and intrusion resistance, ensuring that these large glazed walls are aesthetically pleasing and incredibly secure and resilient.


Explore design freedom and sustainable aluminum solutions with Technal

Our Artline XL sliding door is more than just a door; it's a statement of style, functionality, and sustainability. Its innovative design, exceptional performance, and eco-friendly materials make it an ideal choice for your next project. Choose our sliding doors and transform your space into a sanctuary of light, comfort, and elegance.

To discover more about the Artline XL minimal sliding door and our range of Technal doors, windows, facades and more, visit our website or contact us for a no-obligation quote with a quick turnaround time.