Exploring Technal's Exclusive Handles Collection

Exclusive Handles Collection
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Exploring Technal's Exclusive Handles Collection

In modern architecture, minor details can significantly impact the most. Technal's Exclusive Handles collection, featuring the Temptation and Selection ranges, is a testament to this principle. These handles are functional components and integral design elements that enhance aluminum doors and windows' aesthetic and tactile experience. This blog explores the unique features of both the Temptation and Selection ranges, highlighting their role in Technal’s innovative architectural solutions.


The Temptation Range: where ergonomics meets elegance


The Temptation range from Technal's Exclusive Handles collection is a masterpiece of design and functionality. Built on Technal’s expertise in aluminum architectural solutions, this range takes extruded aluminum design to new levels of quality and clean lines. Here's what makes the Temptation range stand out:


  • Minimalism and ergonomics: The Temptation handles are a testament to the fusion of minimalism and ergonomics, designed to enhance visual and tactile experience. The rounded back provides an excellent grip and ensures a pleasant feel, reducing hand fatigue and increasing usability. The straight-line aesthetics at the front contribute to a sleek, modern look, creating a uniform model that complements various design styles. This balance between functionality and slenderness makes the Temptation handles ideal for those seeking a minimalist yet comfortable design in their aluminum architectural solutions.


  • Texture and color: The Temptation handles are crafted from extruded aluminum, known for its durability and aesthetic flexibility. The range of lacquered or anodized finishes available in the Technal color palette allows for customization. Whether you're looking for a subtle, understated look or a bold, statement piece, the variety of textures and colors ensures that each handle can be perfectly tailored to the specific aesthetic of your project. This customization capability makes the Temptation range a versatile and attractive option for enhancing the visual appeal of aluminum doors and windows.


  • Rosette options: The wide array of rosette options further exemplifies the Temptation range's versatility. Standard and large rosettes cater to doors of various sizes and styles, while the reduced rosette option for window systems offers a more streamlined look. Each rosette comes with a fastening screw system, ensuring a secure and straightforward installation process. This attention to detail in the design and functionality of the rosettes ensures that the Temptation handles can adapt to a wide range of aluminum architectural solutions, providing a secure and aesthetically pleasing finish to any door or window.


The Selection Range: understated elegance with a modern twist

The Selection range is a testament to Technal’s practical approach to design, drawing attention with its understated elegance and strong visual identity. Here's what sets the Selection range apart:


  • Simple and graphic geometric shapes: The Selection handles celebrate simplicity and elegance, featuring graphic geometric shapes that are both round and square. This blend of shapes offers a versatile design that can complement any architectural style, from the most traditional to the ultra-modern. The ergonomic design modernizes the current offer and ensures that each interaction with the handle is comfortable and intuitive. The strong visual identity of these handles makes them a focal point of the design, turning a functional element into a statement piece that enhances the overall aesthetic of aluminum doors and windows.


  • Texture and color: Crafted from durable cast aluminum, the Selection handles are designed to last while offering a touch of elegance to any space. The variety of lacquered or anodized finishes, including the sophisticated new black anodized finish, provides a palette of options to suit any design requirement. Whether you're looking for a handle that blends seamlessly with your design or stands out as an accent piece, the Technal range of colors ensures your vision can be realized. The texture and color of these handles are not just about aesthetics; they're about creating a personalized experience that resonates with the individual style of each project.


  • Rosette options: The Selection range's rosette options are designed to cater to a diverse array of needs and preferences. Standard and large rosettes accommodate windows with special weights, ensuring functionality and style for every scenario. The reduced rosette option offers a sleeker look for window systems, perfect for designs where minimalism is key. The exclusive extra-long 160 mm handle, designed for large windows or models like TIGAL, exemplifies the range's adaptability and commitment to providing elegant solutions for various applications. These rosette options enhance the handles' functionality and contribute to the overall design, ensuring that the Selection range meets the highest standards of both form and function in aluminum architectural solutions.


Elevating design with Technal's Exclusive Handles


The Temptation and Selection ranges from Technal's Exclusive Handles collection offers the pinnacle of design and functionality in aluminum sliding doors and windows. These handles are more than mere accessories; they are essential components of Technal's comprehensive architectural solutions, enhancing the user experience and elevating the aesthetic appeal of any space. As we embrace the future of architecture, Technal's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and design excellence continues to shine through its Exclusive Handles collection, offering a perfect blend of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Whether for residential or commercial projects, the Temptation and Selection ranges are ideal for those seeking high-quality, sustainable, and efficient architectural solutions.

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