Creating an outdoor space for all seasons with Technal’s Suneal Pergola

Technal’s Suneal Pergola
Suneal Pergola


Creating An Outdoor Space For All Seasons With Technal’s Suneal Pergola

When it comes to developing a versatile outdoor space, high-quality, versatile light and heat management is essential. With Technal, you can bring your client’s building project to life with a sleek pergola solution that enables effective control of natural light and ventilation, providing solar protection as needed while maintaining the ambiance of the outdoor space. At Technal, we develop louvers, brise-soleil, and outdoor sliding shutters to enhance outdoor spaces. The Suneal Pergola is a centerpiece in our range of aluminum architectural solutions, with key features and innovations that enhance the design of any project. In this blog, we’ll explore this pergola solution and its innovative, high-quality features.

Why consider adding a pergola to your outdoor space?

As a feature that can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor space, there are several benefits to installing a pergola for your residential or commercial project. These include:

  • A versatile outdoor living area that seamlessly blends with nature. These outdoor sliding shutters provide a shaded and comfortable space where you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings while being protected from harsh sunlight or light rain.
  • Create an ideal spot for hosting gatherings. Given its adaptability, installing a pergola enables you to host occasions outdoors regardless of weather conditions.
  • A striking visual installation for your space. The pergola structure itself serves as a striking focal point, with sleek louvers adding an architectural feature to your outdoor space that elevates the overall visual appeal of the property.
  • Enjoy the practical advantages of pergola design. With a brise-soleil design providing a shaded area, a pergola regulates the temperature of your outdoor space, creating a more comfortable environment even during hot summer days. 
  • Reduced energy costs. Pergolas can help to minimize the need for cooling systems by providing solar protection
  • A design that promotes airflow. The open design of a pergola allows for better air circulation by promoting natural ventilation.

Ultimately, whether seeking to enhance the value of a property or create an enjoyable entertainment space within a home or commercial space, a pergola is a smart investment for your development, combining aesthetics and functionality with effortless synergy.

The Technal Suneal Pergola

When it comes to comfort, safety, and fine design, Technal provides the perfect solution to enhance an outdoor space. The Suneal Pergola provides a sleek outdoor sliding shutters solution with straight lines and quality, sophisticated finishes, enabling you to create a dynamic extension of the building while utilizing several customizations that help design a unique outdoor space. With versatility as a key aspect of this product, the Suneal Pergola can be installed in various ways, such as leaning on a single wall, between two walls, embedded into an angle, or as a standalone structure. In other words, this pergola can be installed regardless of the shape of the space to be worked with.

Key design and structural features

From elegant design and excellent performance to expansive dimensions and easy handling, the Suneal Pergola is a motorized, high-quality, technologically-driven solar protection system. Let’s explore some of the key features of this Technal product in more detail.

  • Design and aesthetic features

The Suneal Pergola’s elegant brise-soleil design is timeless, making it suitable for both contemporary and traditional buildings. We offer three different blade options: curved, flat, or extra-flat, enabling you to customize the visual aspect of the pergola. Developers can also choose from an expansive range of colors for the pergola, further enhancing the customizability of the product for your clients. The Suneal Pergola also offers built-in lights, enabling the perfect day-to-night transition for an entertainment space.

  • Installation and manufacturing

The pergola blades come pre-drilled, and all mounting brackets for the structure are made from powder-coated stainless steel. Additionally, all blades are removable independently, making it easy to access a single blade without disrupting the entire structure. Installation is quick and easy, allowing you to create an outdoor space with minimal effort.

  • Easy to handle with multi-function, remote controlled operation

The Suneal Pergola is a motorized product with soft and silent blade movement operated by a remote control. The blade orientation moves to 130 degrees, providing versatile shading options with sleek louvers and multiple configurations.

  • Dimensions and performance

The pergola can be designed with a maximum dimension of 4.5 m x 6.5 m for the Version 1 module and 7m x 4m for the Version 1 module with transom. Wind testing in a wind tunnel also demonstrates that the Suneal Pergola can withstand 230 km/h winds with flat blades and 210 km/h with curved blades when installed as a leaned-on-the-wall structure. 

Ultimately, the Suneal Pergola is one of Technal’s most dynamic and adaptable aluminum architectural solutions, enabling you to create a unique, tailored outdoor structure for your client’s project. Transform terraces, gardens, and courtyards into comfortable and stylish lounge areas with a motorized blade pergola that offers shading and ventilation as per need and season. With sleek, luxury designs featuring straight lines, elegant aluminum and wooden finishes in various color and configurations, our custom-built extensions are the perfect enhancement to your building.

To find out more about this solar protection solution, visit our website today and contact us for a no-obligation quote with a quick turnaround time. We supply clients across the GCC, providing aluminum solutions to Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE.