Crafting Cultural Icons: Technal’s Role in the Royal Arts Complex at King Salman Park

Technal’s Role in the Royal Arts Complex at King Salman Park
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Crafting Cultural Icons: Technal’s Role in the Royal Arts Complex at King Salman Park

In the heart of Riyadh's ambitious King Salman Park project lies the Royal Arts Complex, a testament to Saudi Arabia's commitment to cultural and social development. This groundbreaking venture, designed by the renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill, encompasses the Museum of World Cultures, Royal Institute of Traditional Arts, and the National Theatre. 


As Technal takes pride in being a global leader in architectural innovation, this blog explores how our sustainable and customizable products play a pivotal role in shaping the iconic Royal Arts Complex.


Technal's Commitment to Sustainable Development


Global Presence with Local Expertise


Technal, a part of the Hydro Group, stands as a global integrated company specializing in aluminum and metal recycling, energy, and renewables. With a strong international presence, Technal combines global expertise with a deep understanding of local needs.


Sustainable Products for a Changing Climate


At Technal, the commitment to tackling climate change is paramount. Recognizing that Earth is warming due to human activities, Technal believes in urgent and responsible action. Our products, including curtain walls, windows, sliding systems, doors, handles, and software, are not just made with aluminum; they are crafted with sustainable, low-carbon, circular aluminum.


Hydro CIRCAL® and Hydro REDUXA®: Redefining Sustainability


Technal's parent company, Hydro, sets the benchmark for sustainability in the industry. Hydro CIRCAL®, made with a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap, exemplifies circularity and sustainability. It not only offers superior performance but also reduces energy consumption by 95% compared to primary production.


Hydro REDUXA® goes a step further, made with renewable energy and emitting only 4kg of CO2 per kg of aluminum—54% less than the European average. With over 300 Hydro CIRCAL® projects globally since 2018, the impact is tangible, saving more than 28 kilotonnes of CO2.


Technal's Role in Architectural Innovation


Driving Innovation in Construction Solutions


Regarded as the world leader in construction solutions, Technal places a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and innovation. Our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings is reflected in the constant enhancement of the thermal performance of our products.


Cradle to Cradle Label: A Testament to Sustainability


Technal's voluntary approach to sustainability is evident in our Cradle to Cradle labeled products. This label signifies not only minimizing the impact of the product but also designing it with the future in mind, promoting a circular economy. The label evaluates products based on environmental and social performance, ensuring they meet the highest sustainability standards.


Meeting Certification Requirements with Technal


Technal understands the importance of meeting building sustainability certifications such as LEED or BREEAM. From design to product sustainability, Technal integrates reflection on sustainability, exemplified by the Cradle to Cradle label and the use of materials like Hydro CIRCAL 75R.


Technal’s Impact on the Royal Arts Complex


Customizable Solutions for Architectural Grandeur


As the Royal Arts Complex takes shape within the vast expanse of King Salman Park, Technal's products play a crucial role. The complex, designed by Ricardo Bofill, combines natural elements and stories reflecting the kingdom's past, present, and future. Technal's customizable curtain walls, windows, and sliding systems contribute to the architectural grandeur envisioned by Bofill.


Ensuring Sustainability at Every Phase


Technal's commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with the Vision 2030 initiative, underlining the importance of diversifying Saudi Arabia’s economy. The Royal Arts Complex, a beacon of cultural legacy, incorporates Technal's products, ensuring sustainability in the build, use, and end-of-life phases.




As the Royal Arts Complex emerges as a cultural icon within King Salman Park, Technal stands as a thought leader, contributing to its architectural innovation and sustainable design. With a global presence, commitment to sustainable development, and cutting-edge products, Technal continues to shape cultural landmarks that resonate with the ethos of the present and the aspirations of the future.