Choosing Low Carbon Solutions: A Guide to Selecting Quality Aluminum Facade Windows and Doors

Aluminum Facade Windows and Doors


Choosing Low Carbon Solutions: A Guide to Selecting Quality Aluminum Facade Windows and Doors

In the world of modern construction and design, sustainability and low-carbon solutions have taken center stage. As professionals dedicated to creating innovative spaces, we understand the importance of environmentally friendly building materials. One such eco-friendly option gaining popularity is using a quality aluminum facade design. These sustainable solutions offer a greener approach to construction and elevate modern spaces' aesthetic and functional aspects.


Understanding the importance of low-carbon solutions

In your quest to create spaces that stand the test of time, it's essential to consider the environmental impact of building materials. Low-carbon solutions, like Technal's aluminum facade systems, are designed to minimize greenhouse gas emissions throughout their lifecycle. Compared to traditional materials, aluminum has a relatively low carbon footprint, making it an eco-friendly choice for your projects.


Advantages of opting for a quality aluminum facade design:

  1. Reduced carbon footprint: Choosing Hydro CIRCAL, our low carbon aluminum made with a minimum of 75% of recycled post-consumer aluminum, can significantly lower the embodied carbon in your construction projects, contributing to a sustainable future.
  2. Energy efficiency: High-quality aluminum windows and doors exhibit excellent thermal properties, leading to reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and creates more energy-efficient spaces. Investing in such energy-saving solutions can help combat climate change and promote sustainability in your construction projects.
  3. Recyclability:  Following our path to the certified circular economy, all of TECHNAL systems are composed with a majority of materials and components that can be infinitely recyclable, that can come from recycled raw materials, that can be recycled to have a second life or components that can also be reused. In rough figures, we’re talking about 75% recycled content and 95% recyclable content. It’s an efficient way to drastically reduce the impact of materials on the life cycle of a building. Finally, our greener approach goes a step further thanks to the recycled polyamide for the thermal strips
  4. Durability and longevity: Our aluminum facade systems not only offer exceptional corrosion resistance but also meet rigorous international standards, ensuring top-notch quality and performance. Our products are engineered to be durable and maintenance-free, assuring you of their long-lasting reliability. With corrosion-resistant aluminum frames, our curtain wall systems guarantee extended lifespans, reducing the need for frequent replacements, especially with the new innovation to use dry connection without glue or silicone. This commitment to durability not only minimizes waste generation but also promotes sustainable construction practices, aligning with our environmentally responsible approach to building design.
  5. Sustainable sourcing: Prioritize suppliers that adhere to sustainable sourcing practices. Look for those committed to responsible extraction of raw materials and minimizing environmental impacts in the supply chain, a way to recognize these suppliers is by finding out if they have C2C and EPD certifications like Technal. By opting for products sourced sustainably, you contribute to preserving natural resources and supporting environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Embrace these responsible choices to promote a greener and more eco-conscious building industry.
  6. Improved indoor air quality: Aluminum facades prevent air leakage and moisture buildup, enhancing indoor air quality and reducing the need for excessive cooling. In addition to preventing air leakage and moisture buildup, aluminum curtain Wall systems also excel in dust prevention, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. The tight seals and precision engineering of our products effectively keep dust and allergens outside, ensuring cleaner and fresher air inside your space.

Moreover, our aluminum systems offer micro ventilation solutions, allowing for controlled airflow while keeping the elements at bay. This balanced ventilation not only maintains a comfortable indoor temperature but also promotes better air circulation without compromising on energy efficiency.


Choose environmentally certified solutions

When selecting aluminum facade designs for your projects, it is essential to prioritize environmental and energy efficiency credentials. Look for reputable certifications and ratings that align with the highest sustainability standards. These certifications ensure that your chosen products are eco-friendly and contribute to a greener future.

By choosing environmentally certified solutions, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable building practices and aid in the fight against climate change. These certified products reduce your project's carbon footprint and create more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible spaces. Make wise decisions to ensure a better future for our planet.


Select the right glass for your aluminium facade systems:

Optimize energy efficiency and indoor comfort by selecting energy-efficient glazing options like Low-E coatings and double-glazed or triple-glazed glass. Consider U-value and R-value measurements to assess glass insulation performance and ensure the glass complements your projects' climate and weather conditions.


Suitable framing and insulation options:

Prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability by selecting frames with thermal breaks to reduce heat transfer. Explore the use of recycled aluminum for the frames to promote environmental responsibility further.


Balancing aesthetics and sustainability:

Prioritize designs that promote ample natural light and ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. Bespoke solutions from TECHNAL allow you to tailor designs to match your architectural style, offering aesthetic appeal and sustainable features. 


Cost Analysis and Return on Investment (ROI):

While the upfront costs of quality aluminum solutions may be slightly higher, the long-term savings from energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs offer a significant ROI. Your commitment to sustainability lowers your clients' carbon footprint and contributes to a greener future.


How does selecting quality aluminum curtain walls align with COP28 UAE

Selecting quality aluminum facade systems for your projects aligns perfectly with the goals of COP28. Aluminum is a sustainable material known for its low carbon footprint and energy efficiency. Choosing quality aluminum facade windows and doors from Technal perfectly aligns with the goals of COP28. Your dedication to sustainability, energy conservation, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions sets a positive example for the industry and supports a brighter, more eco-friendly future.

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