Beyond Ordinary: Elevating Architecture with Bespoke Facades

Elevating Architecture with Bespoke Facades
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Beyond Ordinary: Elevating Architecture with Bespoke Facades

In the realm of architecture, the facade of a building serves as its first impression—a canvas that encapsulates the essence of what lies within. Today, as innovative designs continue to shape the urban landscape, the concept of bespoke facades is revolutionizing how we perceive buildings. At Technal, we understand that architecture is more than just structures; it's an art form that intertwines functionality with aesthetics.

Let's explore how these facades can take your building's design beyond the ordinary.

The power of a bespoke facade

The true power of these bespoke exterior finishes lies in their ability to transform architectural visions into tangible reality. They empower architects and designers to achieve a level of customization that was once deemed unattainable. From the selection of materials to the intricate play of patterns and textures, these front wall designs allow for meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a truly distinctive exterior. This design freedom enables buildings to blend harmoniously with their surroundings and makes a bold, compelling statement that captures attention.

Gone are the days of adhering to conventional designs that fail to capture the essence of a project. Bespoke facades offer the creative latitude to express a building's identity, purpose, and story through the exterior that greets the world.


  • Seamless integration: Balancing form and function

While aesthetics undoubtedly take center stage, these facades transcend visual allure. They exemplify the seamless convergence of form and function, enhancing a building's performance and usability. Contemporary architectural innovations are seamlessly woven into the design, presenting energy-efficient solutions, advanced ventilation systems, and intelligent shading solutions. This results in a facade that elevates the building's sustainability and preserves its aesthetic magnetism.


Integrating sustainable elements within the design signifies a holistic approach to architecture, where each building layer serves a purpose beyond aesthetics. This synergy between design and functionality sets them apart in the modern architectural landscape.


  • Contextual harmony

In the urban landscape, buildings don't exist in isolation; they dialogue with their surroundings. Bespoke facades provide a unique opportunity to contribute positively to this dialogue by establishing a harmonious relationship with the existing environment. Whether nestled among historic structures or poised as a contemporary standout, a bespoke facade can bridge the past, present, and future.


Technal recognizes the importance of contextual sensitivity in architectural design. Our approach deeply analyzes the surrounding environment, cultural influences, and architectural heritage. This understanding informs the design process, allowing for the creation of facades that resonate with their location while also making a bold statement of innovation. The result is a symbiotic relationship between the building and its context, enriching the urban fabric and contributing to the architectural legacy of the area.


  • The future of bespoke facade design

As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, so does the potential of these building exteriors. Integrating smart systems, responsive materials, and interactive elements ushers in a new era of architectural possibilities. These building exteriors can adapt dynamically to changing environmental conditions, user preferences, and artistic expressions.


Imagine designs that adjust their opacity to control natural light influx or panels that capture and convert solar energy into electricity, powering the building's functions. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), these exterior finishes can actively participate in a building's operation, communicating with other building systems to optimize energy usage, security, and comfort.


Furthermore, BIM configurators like Tech3d can help transform the very appearance of a facade, allowing it to display various designs or visual narratives at different times, contributing to the building's role as a dynamic canvas in the urban landscape.


The power of  a bespoke low-carbon aluminum facade

The power of these aluminum building exteriors lies in their ability to translate architectural visions into reality, all while honoring the environment. Technal offers a variety of designs that exemplify innovation, including NOTEAL—a versatile range that encompasses sliding shutters, hinged shutters, and covering panels. Additionally, SUNEAL TL presents aluminum sun shading solutions for curtain walls, while SUNEAL TY introduces pergolas, transforming outdoor spaces into multi-functional living areas.

But what truly sets Technal apart is its commitment to sustainability. Our products are crafted from low-carbon aluminum—a material that excels in performance and demonstrates an unwavering dedication to the environment.

Why Technal? 

Technal operates under the umbrella of Hydro, enabling the brand to influence the production process from inception. With an approach rooted in transparency, we meticulously track every step of the production journey, from sourcing materials and components to transportation and packaging. This commitment to sustainability extends to cutting carbon emissions, with a collective goal, alongside other Hydro building system brands, to reduce emissions by 50% by 2025.

Our facades are more than mere constructions of aluminum; they are epitomes of sustainable, low-carbon, and circular aluminum. All of Technal's European extrusion plants are ASI-certified, a testament to our dedication to responsible practices. Hydro REDUXA®, created using renewable energy, boasts an impressive carbon footprint of just 4kg of CO2 per kg of aluminum—a remarkable 54% reduction from the European average¹.

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