Beyond Aluminum: Technal's Range of Services

Technal's Range of Services
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Beyond Aluminum: Technal's Range of Services

In the dynamic world of modern construction and design, the role of aluminum suppliers like Technal extends far beyond the mere provision of raw materials. As a distinguished leader in architectural solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that support and enhance the work of professionals in the industry. By doing so, we have established ourselves as an integral and indispensable partner in the architectural process, contributing significantly to realizing innovative and sustainable architectural projects. In this blog, we’ll explore our diverse and multifaceted service offering and how we transcend the boundaries of aluminum product distribution. 


Comprehensive software solutions

At the forefront of Technal's service offerings is our complete range of software solutions. These tools assist professionals at every project stage, from sales support and joinery design to customer quotes, supplies, and manufacturing assistance. Our software suite includes advanced 3D modeling, thermal and acoustic performance calculation tools, and a comprehensive database of products from the Technal range.

One of the key aspects of this software offering is its ability to adapt to BIM (Building Information Modeling) requirements. The 3D modeling software enables designing and exporting complex 3D objects in various file formats, including the IFC standard format. This capability is crucial for modern architectural solutions, where precision and detail are paramount. Additionally, the costing and manufacturing software allows for the export of all types of joinery in 3D objects, complete with essential commercial and technical information.


Training tailored to individual needs

Recognizing the diverse landscape of skills and requirements in the architectural and construction industry, Technal offers training programs meticulously tailored to individual needs. These bespoke training sessions are not just about familiarizing professionals with Technal's software and products; they are comprehensive learning experiences designed to empower users to fully leverage these tools in their specific work environments. By doing so, these programs significantly enhance professionals' operational efficiency and productivity.

This personalized approach to training extends beyond basic usage instructions. It encompasses a deep dive into the nuances of each product, ensuring that every participant gains a thorough understanding of how to optimize their use in various scenarios. Whether it’s a detailed walkthrough of advanced software features or hands-on training with new aluminum systems, Technal’s training programs are structured to address each professional's specific challenges and objectives.

Our tailored training approach reflects a broader dedication to supporting our partners in every aspect of their work. By investing in our clients' professional development, we contribute to the individual growth of architects and designers and the advancement of the industry. We go beyond the expectations of traditional aluminum suppliers to foster a community of well-informed, skilled professionals equipped to tackle the challenges of modern architecture.


Optimizing operations and productivity

Technal's specialized software tools are meticulously designed to optimize the operations and productivity of their clients. They are crafted to help architects and designers meet new expectations and rise to the evolving challenges in the industry. By integrating these tools into their workflow, professionals can significantly enhance their efficiency and accuracy in project planning and execution.

The software suite provided by Technal includes features that streamline various aspects of architectural design and project management. From initial concept development to detailed design and construction documentation, these tools facilitate a more cohesive and integrated approach. This comprehensive support is crucial in managing complex projects, particularly those that require adherence to the rigorous standards of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

By equipping professionals with these advanced tools, Technal plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our partners are well-prepared to handle the demands of modern BIM projects. These projects often involve intricate coordination between multiple disciplines, requiring tools to provide precise and reliable data. Our software solutions are designed to foster this level of collaboration and precision, thereby enhancing the overall quality and efficiency of the projects. By providing these resources, we reinforce our position as a leading aluminum supplier and a vital contributor to the success of contemporary architectural solutions.


Your partner in architectural innovation

Technal's range of services positions us as more than just aluminum suppliers. We are trusted partners in architectural innovation. Our comprehensive software solutions and tailored training programs are a testament to our commitment to supporting the evolving needs of architects and designers. By offering these services, Technal plays a crucial role in realizing creative, efficient, and sustainable architectural solutions.

For more information on Technal's services and how we can enhance your architectural projects, or to discover our range of aluminum products, visit our website or contact us for a detailed consultation.