Architectural Marvel by the Sea: Technal’s Role in Shaping the Red Sea Coastal Village

Technal’s Role in Shaping the Red Sea Coastal Village
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Architectural Marvel by the Sea: Technal’s Role in Shaping the Red Sea Coastal Village

Unveiling Technal's Commitment to Sustainable Architecture


In the realm of coastal development, where the delicate balance between nature and human intervention is crucial, Technal emerges as a leading force in sustainable architecture. The architectural marvel known as Turtle Bay in The Red Sea stands as a testament to Technal's commitment to eco-friendly construction and innovative design.


Technal and Hydro: A Global Partnership for Sustainability


Technal, a key player in the field of sustainable architecture, operates under the umbrella of Hydro, a global integrated company with a broad presence in aluminum and metal recycling, energy, and renewables. This international collaboration brings together local expertise with a global perspective, allowing Technal to deliver cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and recyclable products to diverse markets.


Turtle Bay: A Vision of Sustainable Coastal Development


Turtle Bay Design Philosophy


The ambitious Turtle Bay project redefines the standards for coastal development by embracing sustainable practices at every stage of construction. Technal's role in this venture goes beyond providing materials; it involves a commitment to environmentally conscious methodologies.


To uphold the principles of sustainable development, Turtle Bay prioritized the construction of permanent assets over temporary structures. This decision not only contributed to the preservation of the area's natural ecosystems but also showcased Technal's dedication to minimizing environmental impact.


Off-Site Fabrication and Modular Construction Techniques


Technal's influence extends into the very fabric of Turtle Bay's buildings. The offices and residential apartments were meticulously crafted using off-site fabrication and modular construction techniques. This approach not only ensured superior quality and safety but also reduced the environmental footprint during both fabrication and installation phases.


The use of these innovative construction methods aligns with Technal's commitment to creating buildings that stand as sustainable landmarks, fostering a harmonious coexistence between human habitats and the natural environment.


Natural Defenses and Enhanced Landscaping


Turtle Bay's structures are designed to provide natural defenses against erosion, showcasing Technal's expertise in crafting buildings that interact seamlessly with their surroundings. The project also includes landscaping initiatives aimed at creating new habitats, enhancing the island's natural state, and fostering biodiversity.


The corporate offices, spanning approximately 7,000m², are strategically designed in three independent campus elements to harness the unique microclimate of the destination. This not only maximizes passive shading and ventilation but also promotes interaction between indoor and outdoor spaces, setting a new standard for sustainable corporate architecture.


Technal's Stake in a Sustainable Future


Stakeholder Collaboration for Responsible Business Conduct


Technal understands that achieving a more sustainable future requires collaboration with various stakeholders. From customers and competitors to suppliers, business partners, NGOs, authorities, and local communities, Technal is committed to ethical and transparent interactions. This commitment is evident in their adherence to the OECD Due Diligence guidance for Responsible Business Conduct.


Through dialogue, diversity and inclusion, and engagement with local communities, associations, NGOs, and institutional stakeholders, Technal exemplifies integrity in every aspect of its operations. The company actively collaborates with suppliers sharing common values, fostering sustainability through transparency, and upholding a robust Code of Conduct.


Benchmarking Sustainable Practices


Technal doesn't just stop at providing materials; it actively collaborates with customers' networks to benchmark best practices and instigate a more sustainable market in the long run. The company continuously implements new ways of sustainability screening to ensure adherence to applicable laws and international regulations.


High-Performance Products: Beyond the Build


Reducing Operational Emissions Through Performance Products


Technal recognizes that the use phase is a critical component of a building's lifecycle. To address this, the company develops high-performance products that optimize energy consumption during a building's operational phase. By focusing on thermal insulation, low maintenance, energy performance, comfort, and acoustics, Technal contributes to reducing operational emissions, thereby lessening the overall environmental impact.


In conclusion, as we marvel at the architectural brilliance of Turtle Bay on the shores of The Red Sea, it becomes clear that Technal's role extends far beyond being a supplier of materials. It is a driving force behind sustainable architecture, eco-friendly construction, and coastal development, setting the stage for a future where human habitats coexist harmoniously with nature. Through global partnerships, innovative design philosophies, and a commitment to stakeholder collaboration, Technal stands tall as a thought leader in shaping a sustainable future.