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Without Thermal Break

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The Advanced Panel System is designed for robust and versatile use, accommodating panels up to 1100mm x 2400mm, each capable of supporting up to 120kg. This system features a non-thermal break design and offers an acoustic rating of 29 dB. Its weather performance is notable with specifications including air permeability of 300 Pa, static and dynamic water tightness at 250 and 300 Pa respectively, and wind pressure resistance of 2 Kpa, particularly evident in its 2-leaf patio door configuration (W 1.80m x H 2.4m). Ideal for various settings, this system caters to requirements for strong, weather-resistant, and moderately sound-insulated solutions.

  • 2 to 3 tracks - 2 to 6 leaves
  • Slim interlock options of 26 mm and 40 mm
  • Peripheral tubular profiles tracks with or without water collector
  • Add on mesh option available
  • Double barrier of Weather pile gaskets with central strip to enhance water-tightness
  • 4 roller versions: single or double, standard or adjustable
  • Composite frames

Product benefits


  • MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS – 1100mmx 2400mm per panel
  • MAXIMUM WEIGHT Up to 120 kg


  • ACOUSTIC 29 dB (RA,tr) Window 2-leaf W 1,47 m x H 1,48 m
  • WEATHER PERFORMANCE Patio door 2-leaf (W 1,80 m x H 2,4 m): Air permeability – 300 Pa, Static Water tightness 250 Pa, Dynamic water tightness 300 Pa, Wind pressure resistance – 2 Kpa

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