Facades: Poetry in motion(2)

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Creating intricate facades require excellent engineering skills

TECHNAL, a leader in the field of aluminium architectural building systems and solutions, has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and craftsmanship. As a French leading system supplier, they specialise in designing and manufacturing customized unitized façade systems that seamlessly integrate form, function, and performance. Their expertise in handling complex geometries, unique shapes, and challenging architectural concepts has made them a go-to choice for architects and developers seeking unparalleled solutions.
Technal’s latest contributions to projects in India like Cyberthum and Grandthum are testaments to their ability to address complex challenges and provide tailored solutions that preserve the architectural intent while meeting functional requirements. Cyberthum – Tower 2 and Grandthum, are two remarkable architectural projects that embody the pinnacle of design and innovation. Developed by Bhutani Infra and Group 108 respectively, these projects have been brought to life through the visionary designs of ACPL and the expertise of Sahvia Façade as the façade consultant.

With its expansive 35,000 square meters of unitized façade, is a testament to architectural excellence. Its striking blend of slope in and slope out elements creates a visually captivating composition. However, this complex geometry presented a unique challenge, as multiple wind loads acted at the same level and elevation. Technal’s customized unitized system stepped in to address this challenge, seamlessly merging opposing details while preserving proper drainage and the project’s architectural integrity.

On the other hand, Grandthum stands out with its two elliptical towers gracefully joined at the top by a stunning sky deck. Covering an impressive 40,000 square meters of unitized façade, this project required meticulous attention to maintain the geometric integrity. Technal’s expertise came into play as they customized the façade solution, accounting for the multiple angles and ensuring the performance requirements for differential wind loads and shear movement were met flawlessly.

Both Cyberthum Tower and Grandthum exemplify the power of collaboration and innovation in the architectural realm. These projects showcase the ability of developers, architects, and façade consultants to push boundaries and create structures that redefine the skyline. With Technal’s expertise, the unique design visions of these projects were seamlessly integrated with functional considerations, resulting in architectural masterpieces that inspire awe and admiration.

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