Cahors University, France


Historical buildings usually have atypical style and dimensions. TECHNAL solutions are modular to allow rehabilitation of the most singular architectures.

Our solutions are based on the principle of modular design and assembly. The core of the solutions is the same, and just by changing components, elements and accessories, numerous variants are possible. We can therefore offer a wide variety of highly performant products, compatible with one another.

Our latest ranges, SOLEAL Next windows and doors, as well as our TENTAL curtain wall reflect this modularity concept.

  • Thermal modularity thanks to 2 versions of central gasket, thus 3 levels of thermal insulation​
  • Wide range of profiles (minimal, visible), thus many possibilities of shapes​
  • Different windows and doors applications, but common components and tools

Cahors University, France

The rehabilitation project of the University Centre of Cahors has made it possible to transform a former girls’ school dating from 1887 into a mixed facility open to the city and responding to the new challenges of higher education. The 4000 square meters building was partially emptied to enhance its original composition and adapt it to the new uses of the university. ​ ​ ​

Architect: ŒCO​ 
Metal builder: REALCO ​
Windows SOLEAL 65 Evolution (minimal sash) replaced the wooden ones, bringing a contemporary spirit ​
SOLEAL 65 swing doors ​
Facade GEODE 52 with greed appearance, enhancing external design of the façade