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e-news March 2021

TECHNAL LAUNCHES CONCEALED HARDWARE ON THE SOLEAL WINDOW RANGE ! This offer highlights the finesse and elegance of the frames of the SOLEAL 55 and 65 range. Totally optimized in its design, it is available on all interior openings. It is also compatible with the three SOLEAL designs "Apparent", "Minimal" and "Minimal clip-on edge" and adaptable to the version without thermal break SOLEAL FYn (excluding disabled access solution). Concealed hardware is also: / A simple and intuitive assembly for more productivity / A complete and efficient offer for a solution adapted to the needs of the market / Simplified control for more responsiveness TAKE PART OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ARCHITECTURAL PROJECTS ! Just a few days left to participate! The Palmares Architecture Aluminium Technal annually reward the most ambitious achievements, both architecturally and technically, born from the collaboration between an architect, the project owner and a Technal Fabricator Installer. Renovation, new, private or public, whatever your project, come and hightlight it by participating at the 19th edition. The application website is in french langage, but your Technal sales contact is here to help you. In addition, you can find a Registration Guide right here! Actors of architecture, to your applications! Agence(s) d'architecture : Brengues Le Pavec Fabricant Agréé Technal : Daniel Bories Crédits photo : Marie-Caroline Lucat, Saif, tous droits réservés Participate here MAKING WINDOWS, DESTROYING WINDOWS Discover the first certified recycled aluminium window. Our raw material is obtained by grinding and melting down old windows at the end of their life cycle through a process certified by an external independent company. Aluminium that is obtained is at the same quality as the primary aluminium, but with a much lower environmental impact : / 75% of post-consumer recycled aluminium / 85% less CO2 emissions / 95% less energy in the fusion phase These figures demonstrate that our commitment to the circular economy is not just an empty promise. Discover the video ALL TOGETHER, ZERO PAPER OBJECTIVE By placing sustainable development at the center of its priorities, TECHNAL is making strong commitments to the environment. And that means reducing our collective environmental footprint. We are therefore committed to a process of reducing our paper communication media in order to minimize our ecological impact and preserve natural resources. All media are available on our website here HYDRO IN PARTNERSHIP WITH UNICEF Hydro’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of focusing on education and skills development is aligned with several areas of UNICEF’s core competencies. This is strengthened by UNICEF’s global reach and Hydro’s international presence, and have been important drivers behind this partnership. Following Hydro’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability targets, this two-year collaboration aims to support UNICEF’s work with education and skills development for children and adolescents in countries where Hydro is present. As part of this Signature Partnership, Hydro will contribute NOK 1.5 million annually to support UNICEF’s work. DISCONTINUED REFERENCES IN FOLLOWING RANGES Topaze FB, GB, PB, GB+ , Cobalt, Geode, Lumeal, Opale, Safetyline, PPM, Spinal, Soleal FY, Soleal PY, System TEC, Titane PH63 More information here COM@LU UPDATES Discover the new features and improvements on your Com@lu portal! More information here PRODUCT EVOLUTIONS / SOLEAL FYN Window – New central rebate / SOLEAL GYN Slider – New tool / SOLEAL FY Window – New Stainless steel Handle offer / SOLEAL GY slider – New reinforced lateral mullion / TIGAL GP door – Dual colour of sashes / STANDARD PROFILE – XL202015 replaced by T0543 / GRAPHITE LY Gate – New material for embedded roller / GYPSE BY Balustrade – Modification of TCB144 / SOLEAL – New roller shutter slide / SUNEAL TY Pergola – News / NOTEAL VY Shutter – New shutter stop / SOLEAL FY 65 Monobloc door – New locks / ALUMINIUM SHEET – Folding possibilities / NEW Touch up product offer / NEW After – Sales service references More information here TITANE DOOR 65 LARGE HEIGHT: FIT IN XXL FACADES TITANE DOOR 65 LARGE HEIGHT: FIT IN XXL FACADES The trend is towards vertical joinery, with large dimensions extending from floor to ceiling to integrate into the facade. TECHNAL has applied this architectural style to its TITANE 65 DOOR. It can reach 4 m height with 1 and 2 leaves with a maximum width of 1.40 m! More information here MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTION Aluminum is a material that requires minimal maintenance. To keep the joinery in perfect condition, cleaning with a soapy solution is enough, once a year. In this manual, discover our basic, simple and effective advice. This support is at your disposal, for the end user! Discover here REPORTAGE : CTN HOUSE This house dating from the 1930s is the result of real architectural work on the inside-outside relationship, a variation of place favoring the relationship to the outside, to nature and to the basin. Architecture agency: Brengues Le Pavec Customer: Private Aluminier Agréé Technal: Daniel Bories Discover the project in video NEW COLLECTION OF COLORS : "REGARDS D'ARCHITECTES" TECHNAL has always been committed to have privileged relashionship with specifiers around the world. We work with agencies and architectural schools to imagine the colors of tomorrow, enhanced by the effects of matter. This partnership continues today and enriches our "Les Exclusives" finishes with a new collection of 2 "Regards d´architectes" shades. Discover the two colors here ALREADY 60 YEARS! As you know, last year TECHNAL celebrated its 60th anniversary. 60 years of passion for architecture, innovation and design, customer proximity, committed women and men, and 60 years of aluminum, which have made TECHNAL what it is today. And because this story would not have existed without you, we invite you to take a look back at these 6 decades of adventure in video. / 60 years of innovation / 60 years of design / TECHNAL logo evolution / TECHNAL on BATIMAT / 60 years in music
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e-news January 2020

/// NEW PRODUCT TECHNAL LAUNCHES ITS INNOVATION PRODUCT : PULL AND SLIDE TIGAL ! And if you have only 3 things to remember, TIGAL is… An eco-friendly product! TIGAL is made of Hydro CIRCAL 75R recycled aluminum! It achieves acoustic performance up to 40 dB even with very large openings! It's an hybrid system that combines the benefits of a sliding system and a window! /// NEW PRODUCT / SOLEAL GY 55 non thermal break Discover the new SOLEAL non thermal break slider and its hurricane proof version adapted to tropical areas. TECHNAL offers a solution combining contemporary design and high wind resistance performance. /// PRICE LIST The increase in the cost of our supplies (gaskets, polyamides, plastics...) and the energy we are experiencing no longer allows us to maintain our current pricing conditions. We are now required to apply an increase of 2.6%. on all products of our range offer (profiles, accessories and gaskets) and Kit Pergola offer from February 10, 2020. An update of the TechDesign calculation software incorporating these new pricing conditions is available. A PDF version of the price list will be sent by beginning of February. /// PRODUCT NEWS EVOLUTIONS SOLEAL CASEMENT FRAME /// SOLEAL FY 55-65 – Replacement table for Soleal Evolution /// SOLEAL FY – Mitre cut version /// SOLEAL FY – Utilisation of corner part /// SOLEAL FY – End of commercialisation handle T960008 /// SOLEAL FY – New rounded glazing beads /// SOLEAL FY65 - Stop of Stainless steel finish TFY3629 /// SOLEAL FY65 - End of commercialisation Tilt and slide application / Download SOLEAL DOOR /// SOLEAL PY 55 - New cover groove gasket /// SOLEAL PY65 - Modification door closer TPY3723 /// SOLEAL PY65 - Acoustic Performances SOLEAL 65 door / Download TITANE DOOR /// TITANE PH65 - Acoustic Performances TITANE 65 door /// TITANE PH65 - Cutting modification /// TITANE PH65 - New sealing plugs / Download Titane 65 OTHER PRODUCTS /// AMBIAL FOLDING DOOR - New cover groove gasket /// SPINAL FACADE – New hardware offer /// COBALT armoured slider – End of commercialisation /// TOPAZE FB casement – End of commercialisation TCF042 /// SYSTEM TEC – End of commercialisation T1304 / Download /// CERTIFICATION Cradle to Cradle Our SOLEAL 55 and 65 window and door ranges and the AMBIAL folding door are C2C Bronze certified! Cradle to Cradle Certified™ certification guides designers through a continuous improvement process that examines a product across five quality categories - material health, material reuse, renewable energy and carbon management, water management, and social equity. / More info /// FROM BIM TO VIRTUAL REALITY DISCOVER THE VIRTUAL REALITY WITH TECHNAL! Discover in 2 minutes the software chain to switch in a few clicks from a BIM model to virtual reality. A real projection tool and sales support! / Discover the video /// PALMARES ARCHITECTURE ALUMINIUM TECHNAL The PALMARÈS ARCHITECTURE ALUMINUM TECHNAL competition will open in the coming days! It awards each year the most ambitious achievements, both architecturally and technically. An annual meeting that allows you to promote your projects and your know-how! This year, all projects can be rewarded, in France and abroad! / Discover / How to sign up /// GREEN JOIN A REVOLUTION Hydro CIRCAL 75R is a premium aluminium with at least 75% recycled aluminium from end-of-life joinery (post-consumer waste), such as facades and windows that have been dismantled from a building and fully recycled. Next time... think recycled aluminum! /// BATIMAT RELIVE THE ADVENTURE 1000 aluminium profiles materializing the 1st threshold, 20 TECHNAL solutions presented, 5 days rich in emotions. The association of 2 partners to create the Pavilion BOERI x TECHNAL, and 1 video to live or relive the history BATIMAT history... / BATIMAT in 1 video /// TECHNAL BEHIND THE SCENES TECHNAL ON FRENCH TELEVISION ! Seen on BFM TV and RMC Découverte, this report illustrates the actions implemented at TECHNAL for the quality of life and well-being of its employees at work!
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e-news July 2019

/ EVENT The entire TECHNAL team was pleased to welcome you to the exceptional event to present our offer dedicated to tropical areas, and to the preview presentation of the sliding of the extreme, TIGAL. In total, nearly 200 of people were present. / NEW PRODUCT Coming soon ... TECHNAL launches the pull and slide system TIGAL TIGAL is a hybrid solution, combining the benefits of a sliding system and the performance of a window. Designed for a great comfort of use, TIGAL innovates also with its system of micro-ventilation and offers a flexible and silent handling. / Discover in video / SOLEAL GYn Discover the new SOLEAL non thermal break slider, which combines simplicity, finesse of form and discretion / TITANE PH Evolution N°3 : Evolution of electro-magnetic lock T7966 and TKP025 / TITANE PH65 Evolution N°3 : Evolution of electro-magnetic lock T7966 and TKP025 / SOLEAL PY65 Evolution N°5 : Additional information for door integration into façade / SPINAL MY 62 Evolution N°6 : Update on the arrangement of reinforced glazing wedge supports / PRODUCTS INFORMATIONS / New doors products 65 Extensions are available ! / TOPAZE GB Evolution N°18 : End of commercialisation T1936 / SAFETYLINE JX Evolution N°8 : End of commercialisation T7703+T7702 / SUNEAL TY Evolution N°7 : New curved blade and end cap / SUNEAL TY Evolution N°8 : New extra flat blade and end cap / SYSTEM TEC Evolution N°2 : End of commercialisation T1629 / SOLEAL FY 65 Evolution N°18 : New cover profile TFY2527 for flat threshold / SOLEAL GY65 Evolution N°40 : New tool TGY7007 for flat threshold / A LOW CARBON ALUMINIUM TECHNAL is preparing the future by proposing two solutions to reduce our carbon footprint: -Low carbon aluminum REDUXA is extruded on the Toulouse site. This aluminum is manufactured using hydroelectric power with a maximum content of 4.0 kg of CO2 / kg of aluminum, which is 4.5 times less than the global primary average. - Recycled aluminum CIRCAL 75R with a post-consumer recycled content equal to or greater than 75%, i.e. an average of 2.0 kg CO2 / kg of aluminum. / COMMUNICATION ON SCREEN TECHNAL was on TV The Technal spot was on TF1 as a sponsor of "Lethal Weapon" serie from March 1 to April 2, as well as on France 3 as a sponsor of the "Météo Nationale" and the "Météo à la Carte" show from April 1 to 28! This TV campaign was also broadcast in the French overseas departments and territories from 1 to 31 March on the Guadeloupe 1, Martinique 1 and Antenne Réunion channels. / COMMUNICATION Imagination moves the world. At Technal, it's our engine and our way of doing things. It allows us to move forward, innovate and inspire. When others see only one window, we see cutting-edge technology serving people and sustainability. We see the future. All TECHNAL spirit condensed into a new corporate video… / BATIMAT For our 17th participation in Batimat, we entrusted the creation of our stand to the Milanese architect Stefano Boeri, a pioneer in urban ecological architecture. On May 17th, TECHNAL hosted Stefano Boeri at the Quai Branly Museum for a conference "Threshold and Vegetation in Architecture" and the preview presentation of the Boeri x Technal Pavilion and the TECHNAL innovations for BATIMAT 2019! Discover this exceptional day in pictures! / SOFTWARE Tech3D® is a unique, innovative and user friendly BIM object configurator. It has been especially created for building specifiers and designers. It allows to : • Save time to produce a BIM object for architectural aluminium construction designs. • Generate a wide variety of projects from a basic window to a complex façade. • Get the level of detail needed to reduce the file size. • Import it into the original BIM project whatever the architecture software. / 4114 CLUB EVENT Early April, several months before its official launch, 4114 Club members were able to discover a preview of the TIGAL pull & slide system, which combines the aesthetics of a slider with the performance of a casement window Commercialization very soon.... Just a bit more of patience! / TECHNAL BACKSTAGE On April 13th, the first edition of the "Rallye des Pépites Toulousaines" was held. In total, not less than 27 teams visited the heart of our company. During this day, we were able to introduce the Toulouse Technal nugget, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
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e-news March 2018

New price list A new price list is applicable from March 1st  2017 : Download new price list New color offer :  A new collection of "whites" and Natural Anodized at standard price New “Selection” collections at the price of white corresponding to the new architectural trends with 14 colors available in double finishes (satin and textured), and 14 unique colors. Our Technal "Exclusive” collections: 14 finishes at the price of the P1 pallet. An innovative “Anodized” collection with 8 new colors with a competitive coefficient of 1.20.
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e-news July 2017

: New Products TECHNAL presents the SUNEAL pergola, the SOLEAL 65 door and the AMBIAL PW folding door: Design catalog: Click here Manufacture catalog: Click here Design catalog: Click here Manufacture catalog: Click here Installation instructions: Click here : New price list As announced, the new price list has been in effect since June 1st.
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