Curtain walling

Technal’s curtain walling systems have been developed to create impressive yet functional façades, providing designers with the flexibility to create high performance solutions, which are visually exciting, both internally and externally.


Sheer high rise glass walls incorporating complex shapes and uninterrupted views are possible, as are simple but dramatic entrances.

 The MX Curtain Wall Suite

MX is Technal’s new curtain walling suite, which is believed to be the first in the UK and Ireland to offer such a wide range of design options from a single grid system.


This major advance in façade technology gives architects and specifiers the opportunity to vary the appearance of the building envelope, and on a single project if required, with all the design and construction advantages of one fully integrated grid system.


MX also benefits from enhanced thermal performance and will achieve low U values in accordance with the most stringent building regulations.


Design options include:

  • Low to high rise curtain walling
  • MX Visible Grid
  • MX Trame
  • MX SSG structural sealant glazing
  • MX BG beaded glazing
  • Sloped and faceted façades
  • MX Acoustic
  • Atrium roofs
  • Ribbon glazing
  • Concealed vents


MX Visible Grid

6 to 32mm glazing available as a flat façade or faceted up to 20°. Concealed vents suitable for 23mm and 31mm structural glazing


An option of a 62mm module for the MX Visible Grid vertical façade to allow glazed units in larger sizes to be accommodated.

MX Acoustic

An option for both MX Visible Grid and MX Trame Horizontale where additional acoustic performance is required. Using a 32mm to 42mm infill, as a flat façade or faceted façade up to ±20º for MX Visible Grid and ±10º for MX Trame Horizontale.

MX Trame

6 to 32mm glazing, which allows specifiers to highlight the vertical or horizontal sections across the building envelope using distinctive aerofoil profiles. The system can be specified as a flat façade and faceted up to 10° for MX Trame Horizontale.


6mm, 28mm and 34mm structural sealant glazing with significantly less visible aluminium, can be supplied as a flat façade or faceted up to 3°, and with the option of accommodating 50mm insulated composite panels. 


30 to 36mm externally beaded dry glazing available as a flat façade or a 3° facet, creating a striking ‘picture frame’ appearance.