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March 2016

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CELEBRATINGPointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe
Mémorial ACTe, an architectural gem

The Mémorial ACTe is a Caribbean Centre of Expression and Memory of Slavery and the Slave Trade, built on the symbolic site of the former Darboussier sugar refinery, on the Pointe-à-Pitre coast. Inaugurated in May 2015, the structure covers more than 7,000 m² and overlooks the coast. The architectural project, which also aimed to renovate and revitalize a deprived area, pays tribute to a long oppressed people. The building consists of two blocks supporting a latticework made of anodized aluminum. This silver-colored latticework shimmers both night and day, evoking the roots and quest for origins echoed by the history of slavery and the slave trade. This latticework protects the building, which has black granite-clad façades, from sunlight. This creates a constellation of bright shards of quartz, symbolizing the millions of souls lost.

The aluminum joinery systems and façades of the two buildings that support the latticework were designed by the company SAVIMA. The GEODE horizontal trame façades of the museum building open it up to the light and the ocean. It features a faceted curtain wall system which offers exceptional flexibility in terms of geometric composition. The thinness of the profiles ensures a maximized glass surface area, which greatly enhances the admission of natural light, while the thermal break in the GEODE system and the SOLEAL insulating doors provides optimized thermal and acoustic comfort.

Though the museum building is air-conditioned, particularly to protect the exhibition items, the building which houses the restaurant and conference room benefits from the natural ventilation and solar protection provided by SAFETYLINE louvers.

Contracting authority: BETCI, FI ingénierie, SIGMA acoustique, technical design offices.
Architects: Pascal Berthelot, Jean-Michel Mocka-Célestine, BMC Group. Fabien Doré, Michael Marton, Doré-Marton Group
TECHNAL manufacturer-installer: SAVIMA
Aluminum latticework manufacturer: Castel & Fromager
Photos: G. Aricique.



Quebec, Canada
A truly open house


Perched on a hillside, the house features two volumes, one in wood, the other in steel. The first, in black wood, comprises the private rooms of the home whilst the second volume, in steel, makes up the living spaces. The building is set on a solid stone base, creating an open, warm and light space that overlooks the immense Charlevoix countryside.
The joinery systems and entrance door were designed by Vitrerie Laberge, a glazing company that represents the TECHNAL brand in Canada. The thermal performance of the SOLEAL windows and doors, as well as the GALENE lift-and-slide system, is perfectly compatible with the region's harsh climate. The large dimensions of the joinery systems ensure a maximized glass surface area, bathing the house in light. The blurred boundary between the inside and the outside truly opens up the house to great outdoors whilst retaining a sober look and great thermal comfort. The architect opted for TECHNAL because of the value for money of its products, which are better placed than similar products.


Architect: Anne Carrier Architecte
Aluminum company: Vitrerie Laberge Canada

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Refurbishing for better care


The GCArchitects architectural practice was responsible for the full renovation of one of the wings of the old Royal Naval Hospital in Gibraltar, converting it into the new Ocean Views Mental Health Facility, which includes the latest in furniture and equipment suitable for its residents. The building boasts a very well thought-out and careful design, appropriate for the patients' well-being, coupled with the latest technology. In fact it is one of the first buildings in the city to receive the A-rated energy efficiency classification.

The main objective was to do away with the precarious former facilities and design an environment that is welcoming, safe and appropriate for the patients. It has 52 beds, a visitors' area and a seclusion area, as well as a recreational area and large garden. In addition to all of the above, it enjoys spectacular views of the sea. The GEODE curtain wall forms part of the façades, while the doors and casement windows come from the SOLEAL range. For the sliding doors, the GALENE range was chosen. The joinery systems have been adapted to comply with the security standards which are necessary at such a hospital.

The centre is directed by a multidisciplinary mental health team in conjunction with carers and support groups. The new treatment programs are based on a recovery model and designed to comprehensively address emotional well-being, social functioning, educational level, environmental influences and family problems in a therapeutic environment, where security is essential.


Construction: Ocean Views Mental Health Facility, Gibraltar
Location: Gibraltar
Architect: GCArchitects
Developer: Gibraltar Health Authority
Construction company: Gibraltar Joinery & Building Services Limited
Aluminum company: Adelon Limited
Photography: Foto Alba

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Melbourne, Australia
SAFETYLINE louvre windows: Aesthetic and safety


Serrata Apartments, located in Victor Harbour, Docklands, is an edgy, design focused apartment development only moments from Collins Street and Melbourne’s CBD. The 15 level residential building with 144 apartments has been recognised with two architecture awards and the highest green star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

The building incorporates a range of sustainable features including the installation of smart meters in all apartments, low-e glazing double glazed windows to reduce the use of heaters & air conditioners, and a rain water tank is used for garden irrigation and toilet flushing.

Amongst the sustainability features are TECHNAL Safetyline Jalousie Louvre Windows which are installed in the corridors to achieve maximum cross-flow ventilation. The louvre windows are automated and integrated with the Building Management System and feature rain sensors that automatically close the louvres in rain and then open again when weather conditions improve. The ventilation reduces energy consumption and operating costs whilst providing fresh air and natural light to the corridors.

From a design and practical perspective, the windows appear in a continuous unit up the side of the building, meeting all balustrade codes, adding aesthetic appeal and safety to the overall development.

Aluminium compagny: SMR Design Australie
Photos: SMR Design

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GYPSE, la signature du bâtiment


GYPSE is a TECHNAL guardrail construction system available in either single or double post. In terms of aesthetics, this range is highly competitive compared to steel, particularly in the double post version. GYPSE fully meets the most demanding of creative requirements and economic constraints and offers a suitable solution to the renovation market through traditional applications in the single post version, as well as an ideal solution to audacious projects in the new-build market with the double post version.
GYPSE also provides balcony separators, thereby ensuring perfect consistency between all exterior fittings.

See the GYPSE single post brochure
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TECHNAL catalog: a concise document detailing the entire product offer

EDITIONThe Catalog presents all of TECHNAL's ranges. From sliding systems and façades to solar protection and shop and office fittings, a list of all products is provided along with their advantages, cuts, applications and performance values, not forgetting pictures of some of the products too. Look out for the section devoted to handles, a real hallmark of the brand. A valuable tool for your projects!

Consult the Catalog



TECHNAL AND BIM: Work in collaboration


Working in collaboration means faster and better construction. That's why TECHNAL is offering TECH3D, a brand-new 3D digital model (or BIM) software application dedicated to purchasing advisers. This software application is the only one of its kind on the system designer market and enables architects to create their composite frames according to the desired applications and dimensions. The software is fast and easy to use and supports specifiers when designing. It also reinforces exchanges between prime contractors and customers.

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