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No. 1 / MARCH 2010
Hydro Building Systems International's Technal newsletter is going digital and at the same time gaining in editorial quality thanks to the functions of the internet: links to different websites including the site, bimonthly publication, more subjects covered: Technal News invites you to find out more about the projects that you are designing and carrying out with Technal and its partners around the world...
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The Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar (Senegal)

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar (Senegal), which was designed by the architect Stefan Antoni, opened its doors to the public last summer. 180 bedrooms, 3 restaurants, 7 conference rooms, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a spa centre and heavy emphasis on luxury with discreet and elegant lines and, above all, light, both during the day and at night.

Tucked away in the Fann Corniche an area of Dakar that houses exclusive villas and international embassies the Radisson Blu Hotel fits discreetly into the exceptional setting provided by the Atlantic Ocean. Large glass faades constructed using Technals Gode curtain wall suite allow the magnificent light of the Ocean to flood into the hotel, while direct sunlight is subdued by brise-soleil sunscreens that are fitted to the faades where necessary. Bedrooms that look out over the sea have large (260 (h) x 170 (l)) Galne lift-and-slide doors which are installed on a monorail in full-access configuration to meet the requirements of the architect, Stefan Antoni. His architectural conception of the project is based around the absolute discretion of the aluminium sight lines, a requirement that can also be found in the design of the Gode curtain walls and in the choice of Paquebot-style Gypse balustrades.
"At the customers request, the engineering work for this complex project was carried out by Technals Design Office explains Pierrick Caitucoli, Technals Africa Area Sales Manager, who adds that all the logistical aspects were fantastically well organised by our teams, who put a lot of effort into ensuring the success of the project." Projet
Client : Groupe Teylium
Architect : Stefan Antoni
Products :Galne lift-and-slide doors, Topaze sliding systems,
Gypse balustrades, Gode curtain wall, Suneal brise-soleil
Company/Contractor : Groupe Teylium

Eastern Hospital Group
The Ple Sanitaire de l'Est in St-Benot, La Runion (Reunion Island), which was designed by Candide Felix-Faure (Group-6), groups together the hospital maternity unit and the surgical clinic, as well as radiology, laboratory and haemodialysis departments. Its architecture draws its inspiration from local traditional culture: canopies, verandas, brise-soleil and screen walls are redesigned in a contemporary style and adapted to the functionality of the project.


Given that the buildings have been constructed in a cyclonic area, the accommodation units face towards the sea and the medical and technical units, which face into the wind, are protected by a shield made of zinc. Where the two sites meet, we have created a road that separates the different centres and inner gardens explains Candide Felix-Faure. This road incorporates the specificities of the climate on Reunion Island: ventilated faades and brise-soleil, with a strong identity in terms of integration into the environment and sustainable development.

Technal carried out the price studies on behalf of Technic Alu, which manufactured and implemented the Technal products over 1,000 fittings in total. Patrick Herv, Technals Indian & Pacific Ocean Area Sales Manager, assisted the customer with the engineering work and design calculations in a cyclonic area. At the request of Technic Alu, Technal also carried out the tests on the frames for the project. Delivery (prior to the installation of internal fixtures and fittings) is planned for December 2010.

chantier chantier Client: ICADE
Architect : Candide Felix-Faure / Groupe-6 (Grenoble)
Products: Topaze casement frames, Gode curtain wall, Topaze door, Suneal brise-soleil
Aluminium company: Technic Alu
Contractor: GTOI

HBS Argentina: as seen in the press!

Argentinas Bicentennial in 2010 will remain a highlight in the annals of Technal for a long time to come as this year will see the completion of important, symbolic projects only two years after Technal set up business in Argentina. The reasons for this success are win-win partnerships that have been established with local professionals, aluminium fittings companies, architects and end users.
Francis Doutre, Development Manager for Hydro Building Systems International, feels that this success shows the wisdom of a pragmatic approach to provide the Argentinean market with quality above all else. Technal wants to give companies the means to do their work well and to give architects creative solutions that are suited to the requirements of sustainable development he stresses, before adding: We provide a range of products that comply with prescribers expectations and with the construction, residential, commercial-buildings and building-renovation markets, and our aim is to achieve constant innovation and end-user satisfaction.

Technal set up business in Argentina in 2008 with a stock of versatile systems (profiles and accessories) that could be used to create windows, doors, curtain walls, brise-soleil and balustrades.
  Around Fabian Alvarez, the Sales Manager, Technal Argentinas team has, step-by-step, built win-win partnerships with project consultants and manufacturers. For Francis Doutre, the key to success seems to be having perfectly identified the needs of a particular market sector, and having put the emphasis on quality above all other considerations: quality of the products, quality of the contractors who implement these products and quality of the project consultants who advise and assist the clients and architects. Who wouldnt bet that in five years time, as Francis Doutre predicts, Technal and its customers will be leaders in their markets?
When an architectural project is inaugurated or when a gathering takes place such as the one that brought together architects at the House of Architecture (more than 100 participants!), the press turns out in force: Revista de Arquitectura, Todo Obras, Habitat Magazine, Quotidien El Cronista, etc. All of them relay the information in a one or two-page spread. HBS Argentina also communicates through press releases in architecture reviews.

Oficinas Dique IV in Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires)

Client: IRSA
Architect: studio M/SG/S/S/S
Products: Gode curtain wall, Gypse balustrades, TOPAZE doors
Design and manufacture of aluminium fittings: Teksiger

Museo Del Ladrillo in La Plata

Client: Fundacion Espacio CTIBOR
Architect: Guillermo Rubn Garca
Products: Gode MX, TOPAZE sliding systems
Manufacture of aluminium fittings: Orin Aluminio



Fondation Proa in Buenos Aires

Client: Fundacion TechInt
Architect: studio Caruso-Torricella Architetti, Milan, Italy
Products: Gode curtain wall
Design and manufacture of aluminium fittings: Teksiger




La Case Démété,
a model bioclimatic house

Reunion Island is Frances pioneering dpartement in terms of photovoltaic technology and it has set itself the objective of achieving complete autonomy in terms of its energy supplies by 2030 (dmt in the Creole language spoken on Reunion Island). This desire is demonstrated in particular by the construction of a bioclimatic house in the city of Saint-Denis de la Runion a house which is intended to show the general public the technologies to implement in order to construct a sustainable, positive-energy house in a tropical zone.

Technal, a partner in the operation, supplied the aluminium joineries and took part in carrying out the project, which was designed by Antoine Perrau. The house is located in a tropical zone with strong solar radiation to the north. It therefore opens onto the south to take advantage of the natural sunlight, while the north faade is protected by elegant red Suneal brise-soleil.

The association of Topaze sliding systems in full access configuration and Safetyline Jalousies both frames are cyclone-resistent allows for natural ventilation. The surroundings of the house, as well as a large part of the walls and roofs, are vegetated in order to mitigate the effects of the sun. Harvesting of rainwater and household wastewater, a north-facing photovoltaic canopy, a solar water heater, LED artificial lighting, wood for the structural framework and roof framework obtained from sustainably managed forests, bamboo parquet flooring, natural ventilation, fittings made of aluminium - a material that can be recycled endlessly: Case Dmt is an exhaustive showcase for the principles of bioclimatic construction.

It is also a showcase for the know-how of Techmalu, which has been implementing its expertise in the manufacture and installation of Technal aluminium fittings for over 12 years.
>> Go on a virtual tour of Case Dmt Client: Conseil gnral de La Runion (France)
Architect: Antoine Perrau Architectures
Atelier darchitecture et de paysage Michel Reynaud Laboratoire dcologie Urbaine de la Runion
Products: cyclone-resistant Topaze sliding systems, cyclone-resistant Safetyline Jalousies, Suneal brise-soleil, Titane door.
Manufacture and installation of aluminium
components: Techmalu
General contractor: CBO Territoria

Next issue: May 2010
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