Curtain Walling

Excellence in Façade Technology

MX & MY are complete aluminium curtain walling suites, offering specifiers enhanced thermal performance to meet the most stringent Building Regulations and the widest choice of aesthetic options from a single system.

A variety of curtain wall applications are available using the same transom and mullion grid, giving specifiers the opportunity to vary the appearance of the building envelope, with all the design and construction benefits of one fully integrated aluminium system.

Sky Plaza, Leeds

Combining Aesthetics with Functionality

Technal Curtain Walling Systems successfully balance any aesthetic requirements of architects with the functional needs of contractors, developers and occupiers – simplifying specification, fabrication and installation to ensure the highest quality and cost efficiency.

Designers also have the benefit of consistent sight lines and interfaces across a project – whether the requirement is for low to high rise curtain walling, and ribbon, structural, beaded and sloped glazing.

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk

Innovations in Curtain Walling Technology

All Technal Curtain Walling has all the visual, durability and low maintenance qualities of aluminium, and combines innovative technology and construction features with advanced manufacturing techniques for quality installation and long-term performance.

The system is the result of Technal’s ongoing product development programme and has been rigorously tested to BS EN standards for wind resistance, water tightness and air permeability.

MX & MY systems are fully compatible with Technal’s portfolio of aluminium windows and doors, and can be used to create a wide variety of architectural compositions.

A Complete Range of Design Options

Our highly engineered aluminium façade systems, which offer the widest choice of design options from a single grid:

  • High to low rise curtain walling
  • MY62
  • MX Visible Grid
  • MX Trame for horizontal or vertical emphasis
  • MX SSG structural sealant glazing
  • MX BG beaded glazing
  • MX Acoustic
  • Sloped and faceted façades
  • Atrium roofs
  • Ribbon glazing
  • Concealed vents

Calthorpe House, Edgbaston

MX & MY Suite – Key Features and Innovations

  • Visual consistency.  Slim, constant 52mm or 62mm sight lines for the mullion and transoms giving a uniform appearance across the MX & MY suites
  • Thermal efficiency.  Excellent thermal performance to achieve low U values
  • Technically advanced aluminium framing system.  High quality components for long-term durability
  • Intelligent design. Engineered for quality fabrication and installation
  • Meeting individual project requirements. A choice of depths for the structural members, for design flexibility and to ensure cost efficiency
  • Full system compatibility. Technal’s FY casement windows, PY and CD commercial doors, and GXi sliding systems can all be used with Technal curtain walling
  • Concealed vents. There is the option of concealed opening vents in a variety of configurations
  • Design detailing.  A range of shaped caps offer further design flexibility
  • Choice of infills.  The system can carry glazing units and insulated or other panel types.