Product Design

All façade, door & window systems designed by Technal offer the highest levels of quality assurance.


The Technal design process is certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard and our manufacturing process is accredited to ISO 14001 – the international standard for environmental performance.

The Technal Development Centre

Based in France, the Technal Development Centre is responsible for the design and development of new products, and is supported by international teams in many countries worldwide, including the UK, Spain and China. The Development Centre comprises technicians and engineers who focus on continuous product development for both new and existing products.  The centre is also able to:

  • Develop tailored solutions for specific projects
  • Integrate product data within fabricator software
  • Create technical documentation for fabrication processes
  • Provide accredited test reports either for standard system applications or for customised solutions.

The development team also has extensive expertise in the areas of design and ergonomics; mechanical, thermal, and acoustic calculations; environmental and sustainability issues.

The product development process is supported by advanced software solutions:

  • PLM system for technical data management
  • 3D CAD software for product development and design simulation
  • Publishing software for technical documentation
  • FEM (Finite Element Method) software for thermal and mechanical calculations.

The Technal Test Centre is equipped with the latest advanced technology to support our engineers and customers when assessing product performance through sample testing – weather performance, stress tests, fatigue tests and anti-corrosion tests.

High Quality Materials

All Technal accessory, gasket or section suppliers must meet the approval of our quality department. Those suppliers who meet these stringent requirements and become our partners, are the best in their field and form an important link in a chain which is vital to the competitiveness of both Technal and our customers.