SUNEAL Multi-season Living space


TECHNAL helps you extend your activities outdoors with its SUNEAL multi-season living space.
From an intimate, shaded patio in a residential home to a hotel swimming pool away from prying eyes, a café terrace with a “lounge” feel, or an employee-only area for a relaxing lunch break, SUNEAL offers a space where you can take your activities out into the big outdoors.

The SUNEAL multi-season living space is the ideal solution for achieving a balance between your living environment, weather conditions and comfort.
This area, once set up, will also generate energy savings.

Fixed to the wall or the terrace with stainless steel plates, its blades and structure subjected to 20,000 test cycles, the SUNEAL multi-season living space is the epitome of strength. It is also easy to set up, shipping as a ready-to-fit kit.


  • 2 versions: Original and Basic (motorised or manually-operated)
  • 2 types of blade: curved and flat Blades fitted parallel or perpendicular to the existing facade
  • 100 or 140 mm aluminium posts, depending on version - stylish and strong
  • Flush-fitting or offset to adapt perfectly to the mounting position.


  • Motorised blades: change position by up to 130° smoothly, silently and discreetly
  • Blade tilting system operated by remote control, or winch and handle
  • Motorised version: automatic blade opening and closing in case of rain, wind and depending on preset external temperature using various sensors (available as add-ons)
  • Connection possible to centralised management system
  • Provides waterproof covering in closed position



  • 1 manual module: 3500 mm x 4016 mm
  • 1 motorised module: 4500 mm x 4523 mm


  • 1 module: 4500 mm x 6551 mm
  • 2 modules: 7000 mm x 4016 mm


  • LED
  • Lighting infrared heating
  • Side shutters
  • Wind sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • SUNEAL fixed or adjustable-tilt side brise-soleil and sliding windows
  • NOTEAL fixed or adjustable-tilt side or front sliding panel
  • SAFETYLINE manual or motorised tilting louvre system
  • SUNEAL awning / Roof
  • Sliding frame system



Download our configurator to your tablet free of charge and create and customised your own multi-season living space in 5 stages:

  1. Choose your photo and add gridlines
  2. Choose your frame type
  3. Select blades and blinds
  4. Choose your add-ons
  5. View virtual images

N.B. For more information about how to use the configurator, download our sales brochure.

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