GYPSE Single post

Gypse Balustrade

GYPSE double post

There are two types of construction:

  • Double post
  • Single post

The balustrading, straight or raked ... meets the most demanding of designs and plays on a combination of components and the mix of material: stainless steel, wood, glass and composite panel.
With the double-post, Gypse is aimed at architectural projects where balustrading plays an active role in the graphics of the façade or atrium.

With the single-post, the balustrading is suited to the more traditional residential renovation market. The Gypse system carries several Technal patents ensuring full compliance with standards and regulations.


Almost 150 Certifications are available.

Wide range of aesthetics: ocean liner style, decoration, rounded or rectangular rail, stainless steel tube rails, cables, etc.

Adaptable to all mounting options: top-fixed to slab, face-fixed to slab, in front of slab, reveal mounted, low-wall mounted, stairs and inclines.

Wide choice of accessories and infills (decorative panels, glass, stainless steel tubes, cables).
Wide range of Technal finishing.

Easy to manufacture:

Pre-drilled profiles to simplify the manufacturing
Streamlined tools
Optimized time for bar crimping => 4 minutes per ml