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HQ: Architect: Technal rights / Photography: B. Hanne – A. Lefebvre






Alter City: BMA Arquitectos / Photography: Technal rights

Radisson Blu: SAOTA Architects / Photography: SAOTA Architects

Museum: B4FS Arquitectos / Photography: A. Negroni

Menlyn Podium: Boogertman + Partners / Photography: Harvest Moon Photography

Universal: Pratz Gonzalez & Asociados / Photography: Technal rights

Telecom: Sartori Architects / Photography: A. Negroni






Montpellier City Hall: F. Fontes Architecture – J. Nouvel Ateliers / Photography: L. Boegly

Soleal casement 2: ARTEO Architecture / Photography: F. Bergeret & C. Septet

Topaze casement 1: Technal rights

Topaze casement 2: Opera Architecture / Photography: J.C Ballot






Lumeal slider: Technal rights

Galene slider 1: Architect: A. Bardaji – F. Barretino / Photography: E. Pons

Galene slider 2: Technal rights

Topaze slider 1: Architects: Lacaton & Vassal / Photography: Technal rights

Private house: Architect: N. Lossent / Photography: Technal rights

Topaze slider 3: Liu & Wo Architects Pte Ltd / Photography: Technal rights






Soleal door 1: Architect: P. Weiler / Photography: J.C. Ballot

Soleal door 2: BTuA + Atelier 4 / Photography: C. Richters

Swimming pool: Chabanne & Partenaires Architectes / Photography: J. Canosa

Topaze door 2: Architect: GPAA / Photography: X. Benony

Private house: Architect: P. Stouvenot / Photography: Technal rights

Thumbnail: Atena SARL d’Architecture / Photography: P. Martinez

Titane 1: Architect: Briton & Claude / Photography: Technal rights

Titane 2: Technal rights




Solar Protection


Offices: Architect: M. Corbin / Photography: Technal rights

Privat house: Technal rights

Condominium: Architect: C. ferrater & X. Marti Gali / Photography: Technal rights

Private house: Technal rights

Bowling club: 2RKS Architecture & Design / Photography: Technal rights




Shop fronts


Technal rights






Menlyn Podium: Architect: Boogertman + Partners / Photography: Harvest Moon Photography

Protea Place: Paragon Architects / Photography: Necira Photography

Universal Church: Architects @ 126 / Photography: Technal rights

Trevenna: Studio 3 Architects / Photography: Necira Photography

Dynarc: Hennie Lambrechts Architects / Photography: Technal rights

Audi shop: Alchemy Architects / Photography: Technal rights

Prehistoric Museum: W Architectures – Voinchet & Architectures Associés / Photography: C. Weiner

Secondary school: Agence Terreneuve / Photography: D. Rousselot

Private house: P&T Architects & Engineers Ltd / Photography: Technal rights

San Joan Hospital: Architect: M. Corea – L. Moran – F. Pich Aguilera / Photography: Wenzel

Radisson Blu hotel: SAOTA Architects / Photography: SAOTA Architects

Quinta do Lago: Architect: Planassociados Lda / Photography: Technal rights

Real Villa Italia hotel: Artrad Architectura / Photography: Technal rights

Administrative Park: M. Gautrand Architecture / Photography: V. Fillon