Minimal Opening frame

The Universal Window System


The SOLEAL FY 65 window system is high-performance and innovative, bringing a host of technical advancements and design features that will enhance your project.

The SOLEAL system uses a 65mm deep profile and common components to give architects, contractors, and fabricators the benefit of an extensive choice of construction options, combined with ease of specification and maximum efficiency in manufacturing. 

The patented minimalist opening frame with slim, subtle sightlines to reduce the visible aluminium.

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SOLEAL FY65 Brochure (PDF)

Product benefits


  • Dimensions up to 1m x 2.70m (WxH)
  • Up to 130kg weight
  • Glass infill from 24mm - 42mm on openings and up to 52mm on fixed frame
  • Glass thickness can be lowered using a reducer


  • Fixed-frame
  • Open-in: 1 & 2 leaf, bottom-hung, and tilt-turn
  • Open-out: top-hung, parallel, 1 & 2 leaf, and Italian Style frame
  • Specialist: tilt/slide, horizontal and vertical pivot


  • Two leaf opening option benefits from a centered handle
  • Handles can be adonised or finished in a wide range of colours


  • Water Tightness: Up to 600 Pa
  • Air Permeability: Up to 600 Pa
  • Wind Resistance: Up to 1200 Pa

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Projects using windows SOLEAL FY 65

Greenbank Residences, Liverpool

United Kingdom
Constructed within the Mossley Hill Conservation Area, the parkland surrounding the University of Liverpool's Greenbank strudent residences was gifted to the university by the Rathbone family in 1939, and still offers a unique environment today.

Isaac Newton Building, Lincoln University

United Kingdom
TECHNAL GEODE MX Visible Grid Curtain walling, PY55 Doors and FY65 windows were specified for The University of Lincoln's Isaac Newton Building, creating a stunning facade.

Sarah Swift Building, Lincoln

United Kingdom
The University of Lincoln invested £19m in the construction of the Sarah Swift Building, which is home to the Schools of Health and Social Care and Psychology. TECHNAL MX Visible Grid curtain walling, PY55 doors and FY65 were specified for this project, and were chosen due to their versatility and aesthetic qualities.

Schuster Annex, Manchester

United Kingdom
The Schuster Annex on the University of Manchester's main campus when built, was intended to become a catalyst for excellence in STEM teaching, and was linked to the circular spaces within the existing buildings.

Godiva Place, Coventry

United Kingdom

Godiva Place offers students easy access to Coventry University and the City Centre and comprises of five connected blocks which vary in height from four to nine storeys. This high quality 772-bed student living facility is also situated right next to the point where two of Coventry's main roads into the City centre converge. A busy flyover also ascends alongside Godiva Place resulting in traffic noise wrapping around and spreading diagonally across the height of the building. 

The architects, Lewis & Hickey, alongside the client and design team were keen to implement a concept that shields the interior of the site from noise and pollution from the adjacent dual carriageway to deliver a comfortable living and studying environment, optimising the health, wellbeing and productivity of its students.

There were two particular acoustic challenges to work through as Technal’s National Sales Manager, Gareth Evans, explains: “The first related to ‘out-to-in’ noise. The second was from floor-to-floor or storey-to-storey. For ‘out-to-in’ the acoustic report stated that the aluminium systems and glass together had to achieve specific reductions across certain frequency bandwidths (rather than the more commonly requested general acoustic reduction). The frequencies ranged from 63Hz, which is what you might get from a lorry, to 8,000Hz – like a high-pitched whistle.

“At Godiva Place you would expect to experience anything from the fast flowing low drone of traffic with a distinct sound of rolling tyre noise, through to the low rumble of the combustion engines on tickover of stationary traffic, essentially different levels and character of noise that cover the vast decibel scale. This challenging soundscape required careful acoustic design to protect the occupants adequately.

The challenge for the team was acquiring all of the necessary test data, as some of the data sets weren’t available. Dan Holden, Business Development Manager at CASU Consulto, explains: “This was one of the most demanding acoustic specifications we have ever seen and from tender to order involved a nine-month process. Getting the right solution was key to the success of this project and a collaborative approach was essential from the start. As façade contractor, our job is to pull together the right experts to make it happen and Technal provided technical support at every step, investing a lot of time and money into achieving the right solution."

For the bedroom windows, full height aluminium framed large single panels of glass are grouped vertically to create tall, elegant openings in the red multi brick slip and natural sandstone cladding facade. Creating the ideal living and study environment, 500 FY 65 windows optimise natural ventilation and daylighting. 

Also featured is 4,300m² of GEODE MX 52 Visible Grid Curtain Wall in both capped and toggle formats. The toggle curtain walling has been installed to a height of 3.9m at ground level, skirting around blocks B1 and B2 with four sets of automatic sliding CD Commercial doors at key entrances. The capped curtain walling spans multiple floors is used across all blocks. 

The Shield, Newcastle

United Kingdom
Specified for long-term durability and visual impact, advanced windows, door and curtain wall systems from Technal were installed at The Shield - a high-end student accommodation development close to Newcastle City Centre on Stoddart Street.