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For large glass facades such as those on out-of-town retail developments, education applications or curtain walling for tall office or residential buildings the SPINAL MY 62 aluminium curtain wall offers a whole new level of design and technical capability. 

The capability to incorporate wider and taller panes of glass, the MY curtain wall structure allows for maximum glazed surfaces up to 12m² and 680kg in weight. A larger glazing pocket also ensures better edge coverage which avoids gaps that can appear due to building movement. 

Architecturally interesting facades can be created easily by using different external effects. Covers, frames, asymmetry and curved construction techniques all add to a unique aluminium facade. 

Key features of the SPINAL MY62 Curtain Walling

  • Multi-purpose - To meet all requirements, numerous exterior aspects can be created by using covers, the asymmetry of the frames, convex or concave angles and facetted construction
  • Modular - The fixing bracket is an integral part of SPINAL. It enables installation of external elements such as brise soleil, stretched canvas to provide thermal and acoustic comfort and control of solar gain
  • Upgradable - SPINAL meets the requirements for reducing energy consumption. Compatible with a Building Management System (BMS) the facade optimises the well being of occupants in all seasons and helps to reduce greenhouse gases which is currently produced in 40% of buildings
  • Biocimatic - The double skin enables bioclimatic buildings to be built with the creation of a space between the facade and the exterior wall. A true link combining technical and aesthetic innovations enables all visual aspects to be created because of easy integration

Design features of the SPINAL MY62 Curtain Walling

  •  Large Dimensions - The SPINAL 62mm curtain wall's structure enables you to create maximised glazed surfaces up to 680kg in weight with a maximum surface area of 12m ²
  • Openings - SPINAL can provide concealed openings (parallel, top hung or inward) and can also integrate the SOLEAL range. 

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Technal Spinal MY 62 brochure (pdf)

Product benefits


  • Glass volume up to 12 m² (half-perimeter up to 7m)
  • Max weight up to 680kg per glass volume
  • Glass infill up to 61 mm


  • Visual Consistency between the mullions and transoms creating a continuous line
  • Continuous or asymmetric grid available
  • Fixing bracket allows envelope cladding


  • The facade can be inclined + or - 10­°
  • Angles of 112°, 135° and 157° with pressure plates and beaded glazing to create curved facades
  • Structure is suitable for wood or steel frames for elegant and minimalist architecture


  • Air Permeability - AE 1500Pa
  • Water Tightness - RE 1200Pa
  • Wind Resistance - 2400Pa
  • Impact Safety - I5 / E5
  • Burglar Resistance - RC2 and RC3 (EN 1627-30)

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