DF 75 Si Window

With an increased focus on the energy efficiency of buildings, it’s invaluable to use windows that help reduce the overall energy consumption. Technal’s DF 75 Si suite provides superior window performance without sacrificing a sleek and stylish aesthetic.

This system offers:

  • Fully integrational window system with Casement, Tilt-Before-Turn, Pivot and Reversible opening options to achieve your project specification requirements
  • Sleek and Stylish aesthetic due to concealed hinges, flush vents and flat profiles
  • PAS Accredited, "Secured by Design" as well as the highest weather performance for water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance

DF 75 Si Aluminium System Downloads

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Logo PDF   DF 75 Si Window System Brochure

ZIP PDF   DF 75 Si  Casement Window General Assembly Drawings

ZIP PDF   DF 75 Si  Tilt-Before-Turn Window General Assembly Drawings

ZIP PDF   DF 75 Si  Pivot Window General Assembly Drawings

ZIP PDF   DF 75 Si  Reversible Window General Assembly Drawings

ZIP PDF   DF 75 Si Balcony Window General Assembly Drawings

A stylish window solution to improve energy efficiency.

With a specialised 75mm profile range, DF 75 Si Aluminium Window System maximising design options for architects, contractors and fabricators. Great flexibility is achieved, especially where inward and outward facing rebates need to be combined, providing a sleek and stylish aesthetic and vastly improving energy efficiency.


The DF 75 Si is a complete window system, giving flexibility to meet your project specifications and needs. A sleek and stylish aesthetic is possible with a wide range of colour choices and finishes available. The configurations include:

  • DF 75 Si Casement
  • DF 75 Si Tilt-Before-Turn
  • DF 75 Si Pivot
  • DF 75 Si Reversible
  • DF 75 Si Balcony Window
  • DF 75 Si Concealed Vent

For specialist project requirements our Technical and Construction project expertise is available to help meet your client specification.

DF 75 Si Key Features and Innovations

  • Superior Thermal Performance – achieved with a unique polyamide thermal barrier allowing the DF 75 Si to exceed the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations for thermal insulation.
  • Endless choice of design options – with a wide range of colour and finish options as well as the ability to choose dual colours, the DF 75 Si allows the right design and feel for your project.
  • Designed to work in harmony with other Technal products – the full DF 75 Si range can be integrated with other Technal systems including MX and MY curtain walling and the STII thermally enhanced door.
  • Energy Efficient and superior weather performance – the DF 75 Si window suite can achieve an “A+ Window Energy rating” and where specified U values down to 0.9W/m2K. As well as achieving exceptional thermal performance, the DF 75 Si suite also attains superior weather performance for water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance.