PY 55 door

PY 55 Aluminium Door System

A Commercial Door System for High Traffic Applications

The PY 55 door range offers outstanding thermal performance, levels of security and specification options for high traffic applications. It has been developed for areas of heavy use such as hospitals, shopping and sports centres, offices, apartment buildings and demanding education environments.

PY 55 Aluminium Door System Downloads

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Logo PDF   PY 55 Aluminium Door System Brochure

ZIP PDF   PY 55 Aluminium Door System General Assembly Drawings

PY 55 Doors offer:

  • A patented design – a 55mm deep module for single action hinged, and double and single action pivot doors.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency – The PY 55 door has a 20mm crimped double polyamide thermal break which can deliver U values as low as 1.4W/m2K for the glazed door, and dual colour finishes for further design flexibility.
  • High levels of security – the single leaf open-in and open-out hinged doors will meet Class RC3 for burglar resistance to BS EN 1627-30.  As an alternative to key-operated locks, there is an electro-magnetic system using a control pad on the outer frame.
  • Anti-finger trap option – this has a thermally broken bulb style on the rotation side allowing a maximum gap of 7mm and a 23mm gap between the aluminium profiles on the locking edge for additional safety, particularly where the entrance would be used by children. This can be specified for single or double action doors, rebated or non-rebated, and concealed overhead closer systems.

PY 55 – Key Features and Innovations

  • Door threshold – this has been engineered in two parts to provide advanced weather performance, and can be removed for maintenance or replacement without dismantling the door leaves.
  • Threshold options – rebated or double ramped thresholds for disabled access can be specified.
  • Concealed overhead closer – this can be fitted in the hollow chamber of the header bar for superior aesthetics.      
  • Exclusive range of door handles – robust, attractive and ergonomic designs such as a push-pad handle, a double lever with escutcheon and a double lever on a back plate with 8mm square drive.
  • Concealed drainage – at the threshold mid- and bottom rails without the need for caps for improved aesthetics or drainage can be through slots protected by caps.
  • A wider range of glazed units – units can be accommodated from 6mm to 39mm, and a maximum weight per leaf of up to 150kg.
  • A robust and highly durable heavy traffic Class 8 door – single action hinged and double/single action pivot doors have been tested up to 1 million open and close cycles in accordance with BS EN 12400 (2002).
  • Discrete and stylish fittings – whether hinges, closers or locks.
  • Choice of finishes for all accessories and gaskets – if visible from the outside, these can be specified in black or grey.
  • Ease of fabrication and installation – there are two assembly options – mitre-jointed assembly with crimping or using Torx-type stainless steel screws.
  • Specially-designed pivot hinge – to allow rotation, construction of the opening sash and adjustment for simplified fabrication and installation.
  • A proven system – that meets the BS EN 14351-1 standard for windows and doors, CE marking requirements, and is designed to accommodate both current and future building regulations.

PY 55 – Security Features

Specifically developed for areas of heavy use, the PY 55 door suite offers advanced security with a number features:

  • The door system meets PAS 24 for enhanced security. PAS 24: 2012 provides a method for testing and assessing the security performance requirements of external doors and windows. It provides an assurance that door sets can withstand a series of measured manual and mechanical tests that simulate common methods of forced entry.
    • The PY 55 single and double leaf rebated door – in both open-in and open-out configurations – surpassed the PAS 24 standard and achieved consistently excellent test results with very minimal enhancements to the fixing of the hinges, striker and lock.
    • These adjustments make this door the most robust, simple and fast to fabricate system available in the UK – and with no compromise on the high standards of aesthetics.
  • The locking system for the PY 55 door has, as standard, a half-turn deadbolt, roller lock and deadbolt, a two-point cylinder lock and a two-point lock with a square spindle.
  • For additional security, the door also has multi-point locking. Hook lock or top and bottom shoot bolts for doors over 2.25m high can also be supplied. Additional locking points can be added according to project requirements. 
  • The single leaf open-in and open-out hinged doors already meet very high levels of security in accordance with Class RC3 for burglar resistance to BS EN 1627-30.
  • As an alternative to key-operated locks, there is an electro-magnetic system using an integrated control pad within the frame.