MX Trame

A Bespoke Appearance for the Façade

MX Trame has a pioneering design, which uses projecting aerofoil transom caps to add depth to the façade whilst slender face trim gaskets, that are flush with the front face of the infill, soften the corresponding vertical or horizontal sections.

MX Trame

MX Trame – Key Features

Distinctive design detailing.  MX Trame is a further design option, allowing specifiers to highlight the vertical or horizontal profiles across the building envelope

Glazing and vent options.  MX Trame Horizontale can accommodate 6mm to 32mm glazing as a flat façade or faceted up to 10º.  The concealed vent configurations are top hung open-out or tilt/turn.  MX Trame Verticale can carry 6mm to 32mm glazed units as a flat façade.  Concealed vent options are top hung or tilt/turn

Reducing deflection.  On larger mullion or transom spans, the glass deflection is reduced using a centrally fitted pressure block

Additional acoustic protection.  MX Acoustic is an option for MX Trame Horizontale for applications where further acoustic performance is required.

MX Trame, Chelsea Youth Academy