Sustainabile Aluminium from Technal

Committed to Protecting the Environment

Technal is working with leading industry specialists and associations to continually improve the recyclability of aluminium and to reduce carbon emissions during the life cycle of its products.

Its research and development work has also achieved an impressive four-fold increase in the thermal performance of its systems over the last 20 years. And the demand for larger glazed spans generates increased solar gain in winter and reduces the reliance on artificial lighting.

Energy-Positive Buildings - a collaborative approach

Find out more about this initiative on the Powerhouse website.

Recycling aluminium

  • Aluminium is 100 per cent infinitely recyclable without loss of its properties.
  • The recycling process is also economically attractive and viable:
  • 40 per cent of the demand for aluminium in Europe is already met through recycling
  • An average of 95 per cent of the aluminium in buildings is collected for recycling. This process saves 95 per cent of the energy needed to produce prime metal and typically, 95 per cent or more of the original material is still recoverable (source: Council for Aluminium in Building).

The Principles of Eco Design

Technal aims to reduce the impact of its products on the environment.  Our targets are to:

  • Optimise product mass
  • Design for sustainable construction
  • Further improve thermal performance
  • Maximise the glazed area
  • Design for simple disassembly