Fabrication software


Technal provides its fabricators with a highly developed and comprehensive software package to handle every aspect of project design and manufacture.  This offers the following functions and benefits:


Whole or part-project optimisation, the pricing module can be customised for:

  • Labour rates
  • Glass costings
  • Special items
  • Discount and margin levels


Direct output of materials order lists to print or email.


Complete 2D and 3D design for all types of construction – from simple windows to complex facades.


True 3D rendering with photo-realistic simulation, high level reporting, and direct link with Microsoft® Word.


Fabrication projects – automatically-scaled cross sections, direct link with standard CAD software, direct link to CNC* and saw machines.

Thermal performance

U-value calculations for each job item.

Environmental Product Declarations

Providing full product life cycle analysis

Additional features

  • Translation into the chosen language
  • Network capability
  • Automatic price matrix calculation
  • Standard reports for estimates, materials order, pricing, and U value performance
  • Customised reports for manufacturing, optimisation sheets and cutting sheets

*CNC link requires suitable CNC software.