Spotlight on Aluminum Doors in NEOM City: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Urban Development

Shaping the Future of Sustainable Urban Development
Aluminum doors


Spotlight on Aluminum Doors in NEOM City: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Urban Development

An integral part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, NEOM City is set to be a blueprint for sustainable urban development. Combining state-of-the-art technology and innovative sustainable strategies, NEOM City offers a harmonious balance between life and nature. Aluminum doors play a crucial role in this pioneering project and are setting new benchmarks in the field of sustainable urban development.

In this blog, we examine how NEOM City will serve as a leading example in sustainable construction using aluminum and which Technal door products would be best-suited in this regard.

Why Aluminum Contributes to Sustainable Building Concepts

Lightweight yet durable

Aluminum is extremely durable and withstands all environmental conditions. Compared to other materials aluminum does not corrode, crack or swell even under extreme humidity and temperature changes. This is especially advantageous in desert climates like the one NEOM City is being built in. The long-lasting properties of aluminum reduce replacement intervals and thus minimise waste and contribute to high sustainability rates.


Energy saving

Minimising the amount of energy used during the use phase is one of the main challenges in sustainable urban development. Aluminum doors provide excellent energy-efficient qualities due to their outstanding insulation capabilities. Moreover, today’s aluminum profiles often feature a thermal insulating break (thermal break) which prevents heat transfer between the interior and exterior. This reduces heating and cooling energy demands significantly. In NEOM City, temperatures will regularly exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Energy-efficient building envelopes will help decrease the overall energy demand and reduce the CO2 emissions of the project significantly.

Design possibilities

Aluminum offers architects and builders the utmost flexibility during the design phase and allows them to create bold and stylish structures in contemporary styles. Thanks to its strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum allows for huge, glazed areas with slim profiles and delivers maximum natural light into the building as well as stunning, unobstructed vistas. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of any building but also encourages a harmonious interaction with the surrounding nature – an important design goal of NEOM City.


Eco-friendly infrastructure in NEOM City

NEOM City is designed and developed with a strong focus on environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable resources. The entire city is planned to be powered by renewable energy. Waste minimisation and water saving are two further key objectives. Aluminum is the perfect alloy for this project, both environmentally and economically.


Zero emissions

The use of renewable energy resources is supported by building with aluminum. Due to their outstanding energy efficiency aluminum doors provide the opportunity to reduce heating and cooling energy demands. This makes them an ideal companion for any type of renewable energy source. In addition, aluminum as a material can be disassembled and recycled completely at the end of its lifecycle, which allows for a closed-loop recycling process and minimises the environmental impact overall.

Water saving

In a desert climate, water is the most valuable asset. NEOM City boasts state-of-the-art water-saving technologies and offers water conservation education on various levels. Compared to other materials aluminum does not corrode and thus ensures that doors are air and water-tight and will not leak and cause water damage. Buildings will retain their structural integrity for a long time and minimise unnecessary repair work and resource expenditures.

Aluminum Systems by Technal in NEOM City

As a leading producer of aluminum systems, Technal offers its high-performance aluminum doors, which contribute to the realisation of NEOM City:

SOLEAL Next: the all-purpose door

SOLEAL Next sliding doors grant architects a wide range of solutions in the areas of safety, comfort and building management. The system fulfils demanding requirements concerning thermal, acoustic and weather protection properties.

AMBIAL: the flexible folding door

The AMBIAL folding door combines optimum performance with a clear focus on design and functionality. This makes it the perfect solution for the luxury villas as well as the hotels and shopping centres in NEOM City and ensures outstanding thermal insulation, excellent sound protection and high weather resistance.

SOLEAL 55 and 65 Doors

Thermally insulating, different opening systems and elegant profiles make these doors the ideal solution for residential buildings.


TITANE: the heavy traffic door

The TITANE door is designed to cope with heavy traffic. Its asymmetric hinge system, self-lubricating strips, safety glass from 6 to 32 mm and high wear resistance contribute to its excellent performance. 



NEOM City is a benchmark for sustainable and innovative urban development and will inspire cities all over the world. Aluminum doors are one of the many examples that demonstrate NEOM’s resolve to create a highly resilient city with great energy efficiency and aesthetic value. By using the many advantages of aluminum – longevity, energy efficiency and versatile design – NEOM City creates an innovative and sustainable quality of life for its citizens.

As the city of NEOM continues to grow, other urban centers will follow (or hopefully follow) with many of the same eco-technological features that are central to this grand experiment for a better, greener world.