Sliding vs. Traditional Doors: Why Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors are the Future of UAE Architecture

Sliding vs. Traditional Doors
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Sliding vs. Traditional Doors: Why Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors are the Future of UAE Architecture

When it comes to UAE architecture, every element speaks volumes about the functionality, visual appeal, and energy efficiency of a building. While traditional doors have been used for ages, modern UAE architecture, with its multitude of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, is witnessing a boom in the usage of aluminum sliding doors.

Technal sliding doors are rapidly gaining popularity thanks to the many benefits they offer over traditional doors. In this blog, we examine why aluminum sliding doors are fast becoming the go-to option for architects.

The Appeal of Sliding Doors in Modern Architecture

Aluminum sliding glass doors are synonymous with modern architecture. The unobstructed minimalist look of sliding doors gives high-rise UAE buildings their contemporary appearance. Technal sliding doors like ARTLINE XL, TIGAL, LUMEAL, and SOLEAL perfectly embody this aesthetic with their large glazed panels and minimal visible frame, optimizing natural light and improving the visual impact of any project.

ARTLINE XL: A Vision of Transparency and Comfort

Technal’s ARTLINE XL is one of the brand’s most iconic solutions that pushes the boundaries of what a sliding door can be. The ARTLINE XL’s design fully exploits the capabilities of large glass panes, which the user can easily slide even when they weigh up to 1200 kg.

This is crucial for the high-rise buildings of the UAE, where grand views are a major architectural feature. Not stopping at just the visual impact, ARTLINE XL offers outstanding thermal properties and excellent wind resistance, even in the most challenging UAE high-rise projects.

The ARTLINE XL’s invisible mullion provides additional aesthetic benefits by enabling the glass to take visual prominence and blur the lines between inside and outside. This makes it perfect for creating that essential feeling of openness and transparency that traditional doors often fail to achieve.

TIGAL: Combining Strength and Elegance

Another one of Technal’s modern door solutions is the TIGAL sliding door. TIGAL operates in any weather thanks to its patented central sealing system, which achieves up to 4 times the water-tightness of a traditional sliding door. This is especially important for UAE buildings where weather can be challenging.

TIGAL’s streamlined profile and hidden hardware provide a sense of proportion and harmony with its urban surroundings. Hydro CIRCAL® recycled aluminum is proof of Technal’s dedication to sustainability through its aluminum sliding doors without compromising on performance or output.

LUMEAL: Minimalism Meets Performance

Technal’s LUMEAL aluminum sliding doors are the perfect solution for projects demanding ultra-slim profiles and excellent energy performance. LUMEAL’s unique design makes excellent use of its glass surface by minimizing visible aluminum to deliver a streamlined contemporary appearance suited to high-rise architecture. With outstanding thermal properties, LUMEAL is perfect for projects with low energy standards, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable architecture in the UAE.

LUMEAL’s invisible opening sash and flat thresholds promote easy access and convenience for users. The addition of motorized operation simplifies the opening of large and heavy frames. All these qualities combine to make LUMEAL a high-performing, ultra-minimalist and versatile aluminum sliding door system.

SOLEAL: A Benchmark in Versatility

Technal’s SOLEAL aluminum sliding doors offer unparalleled versatility and performance. In its many available configurations and internal or external corner solutions, SOLEAL can adapt to any project. Its elegant, refined aesthetic with minimalist-style strip reinforcers and an invisible drainage system makes it ideal for both new constructions and renovation projects.

With SOLEAL’s large dimensions, heights up to 2.6 meters, and widths up to 4.3 meters provide vast vistas and an abundance of natural light, a crucial element for high-rise architecture. High thermal and acoustic performance ratings add to the door system’s appeal for comfort and energy efficiency.

The Advantages Of Traditional Doors

Aluminum sliding doors offer countless advantages over traditional doors. For starters, sliding doors are space savers. Traditional doors need swing space, which reduces the interior design possibilities and decreases the floor space of any building. Sliding doors, on the other hand, move along a horizontal plane, thus saving space and allowing for more flexibility in the interior layout.

Next, sliding doors offer better insulation. All of Technal’s aluminum sliding doors, including the double-glazed variety, offer excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Keeping the inside temperature steady while using minimal energy is vital in the UAE’s hot climate, thus making sliding doors much more suitable than their swinging counterparts.

Additionally, the bigger glass panes which are typical for sliding doors, let in more natural light into the building. This natural light results in less dependency on artificial light sources and creates a healthier and more comfortable environment for residents to live and work in. It also adds to the visual appeal of the interior, making it look more spacious and airy.

Finally, sliding doors provide more design possibilities. From the ARTLINE XL’s free angle configuration to TIGAL’s secure micro ventilation system, sliding doors give architects and designers the creative liberty to develop unique building solutions that can truly stand out in the city skyline.


As UAE architecture constantly strives for innovative high-performance building solutions, the demand for aesthetically appealing, functional, and sustainable aluminum products is on the rise. Technal’s aluminum sliding doors meet this demand with a diverse product range suitable for modern high-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

Whether you need the transparency and comfort of the ARTLINE XL, the strength and elegance of TIGAL, the minimalism, and performance of LUMEAL, or the versatility and refinement of SOLEAL, Technal’s sliding and folding glass doors are the go-to choice for architects, designers and property developers.

Moving away from traditional doors and opting for one of these state-of-the-art systems will add to the visual and functional appeal of your building and contribute to its sustainable and innovative architecture.