Maximizing Space and Light: Hinged Doors vs Sliding Glass Doors for High-Rise Buildings in the UAE

Hinged Doors vs Sliding Glass Doors
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Maximizing Space and Light: Hinged Doors vs Sliding Glass Doors for High-Rise Buildings in the UAE

In the UAE’s bustling cityscape, where high-rise buildings are the norm, the choice of doors can make all the difference between functionality and design. At Technal, we know that choosing between hinged and sliding glass doors is a big decision for architects and builders. Both have their advantages and it all depends on the project requirements.

This blog looks at the space-saving benefits and light-maximizing properties of hinged doors vs sliding glass doors, with a focus on our advanced door solutions.

Space Saving Benefits

Hinged Doors: SOLEAL Next

Hinged doors like our SOLEAL Next are a classic choice that offers flexibility and robustness. These doors are best suited for areas with enough space to accommodate the door leaf swing. The SOLEAL Next door range is available in single or double action and can be customized with various opening options such as open-in, open-out, and push-pull. This versatility makes them perfect for different areas within high-rise buildings, from main entrances to internal rooms.

But hinged doors require a clear arc of space to open and close which can be a constraint in smaller or more compact areas. Despite this, SOLEAL Next doors excel in safety and accessibility, with options for finger protection, burglary and bullet resistance, and emergency exit functionality. These features make them suitable for high-traffic areas and buildings with high safety requirements, such as schools and hospitals.

Sliding Glass Doors: ARTLINE XL and TIGAL

Sliding glass doors have a big advantage in terms of space efficiency. Our ARTLINE XL and TIGAL sliding door systems are designed to maximize usable floor space by eliminating the need for door swing clearance. Sliding doors move along a track, making them perfect for high-rise buildings where space is key.

ARTLINE XL can handle large glass panels up to 1200 kg per pane and gives a sleek modern look while maximizing space functionality. TIGAL sliding door is a hybrid solution that combines the benefits of a sliding door with the performance of a window and is weather and thermally-performing. These doors are ideal for areas where space is limited, such as balconies, terraces, and narrow corridors.

Light Maximizing Properties

Hinged Doors: SOLEAL Next’s Glazing

Hinged doors can also maximize natural light when designed with large glazing. SOLEAL Next doors can take large glazing panels and let natural light deeper into the building. This reduces the need for artificial lighting and creates a more welcoming space. High-performance glazing in SOLEAL Next doors ensures thermal and acoustic insulation and comfort while maximizing light.

Sliding Glass Doors: ARTLINE XL’s Transparency

Sliding glass doors have inherent light-maximizing properties due to their large glass surfaces. The ARTLINE XL system, for example, is designed to be as transparent as possible with minimal aluminum visible and allows the natural light to flood the interior spaces. This is particularly beneficial for high-rise buildings in the UAE, where views and daylight are highly valued.

Furthermore, the TIGAL system’s large glazed areas and innovative sealing technology ensure that these doors bring in natural light as well as high thermal efficiency and acoustic comfort. This makes sliding glass doors perfect for spaces like living rooms, offices, and communal areas where natural light and openness can make a big impact on the ambiance.

Versatility and Design Freedom

Hinged Doors: Customisation and Security

Technal’s hinged doors, such as the SOLEAL Next, offer a wide range of customization options, from different handle designs and colors to various glazing thicknesses and infill materials. These doors can be integrated with other Technal products to create a consistent design language throughout the building. And with robust security features such as motorized locks and panic escape mechanisms, the hinged doors meet the highest safety standards.

Sliding Glass Doors: Modern Look and User Friendly

Sliding glass doors, on the other hand, are known for their modern and user-friendly look. The ARTLINE XL and TIGAL systems can be configured in many ways, including corner openings and motorized operation, to offer flexibility for architectural innovation. The concealed hardware and slim profiles of these doors add to the overall elegance of the building and are perfect for contemporary high-rise projects.


Choosing between hinged doors and sliding glass doors for high-rise buildings in the UAE involves many factors, such as space utilization, natural light maximization, security, and design aesthetics. Technal’s range of door solutions, including the versatile SOLEAL Next hinged doors and the innovative ARTLINE XL and TIGAL sliding glass doors, offers architects and builders the freedom to cater to different project requirements. By understanding the unique benefits of each door type, you can make informed decisions to maximize the functionality and beauty of your high-rise building projects.