Marrying Form and Function: How Technal’s Aluminum Cladding Solutions Combine Aesthetics with Practical Benefits for UAE’s High-Rise Buildings

Technal’s Aluminum Cladding Solutions
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Marrying Form and Function: How Technal’s Aluminum Cladding Solutions Combine Aesthetics with Practical Benefits for UAE’s High-Rise Buildings

The UAE skyline is iconic, and with this unique landscape come the unique challenges that only high-rise buildings offer. This makes the perfect environment for our advanced curtain walling and aluminum cladding solutions that blend practicality with aesthetics.


Let’s see some of the ways our offerings work to create beautiful, functional facades for UAE high-rise buildings. Let’s take it from the top.

Aluminum Cladding – A Versatile, Beautiful Material

Aluminum cladding is a diverse and beautiful material, so it’s unsurprising that it’s central to high-rise building construction. Sleek and modern, its visual appeal makes it a great fit for any structure. It’s no wonder that aluminum cladding solutions are the first choice for architects and designers. At Technal, we’ve taken this well-established solution even further with our innovative TENTAL and GEODE curtain wall systems. Let’s take a look at some of the aesthetic possibilities and innovative features that our aluminum cladding solutions offer.

TENTAL: Rounded Façade

Our TENTAL curtain wall system comprises 50 mm and 60 mm narrow aluminum profiles that enable the creation of modular curtain walls featuring very large-sized glazing units. The system ensures maximum transparency with reduced profile visibility for a smooth, elegant, and functional appearance.

Aesthetic Solutions: TENTAL’s innovative aesthetic solutions include capped and semi-capped arrangements that highlight either horizontal or vertical arrangements, as well as flat caps that create a perfectly smooth profile and glazing appearance. Additionally, structural silicone glazing and bead glazing options give designers ample choice when selecting the ideal look for a project.

Sustainability and Performance: Aesthetic considerations are not the only reasons to choose TENTAL. This system uses Hydro CIRCAL, an aluminum product composed of recycled end-of-life aluminum of at least 75% and offers thermal break solutions composed of recycled xPET. TENTAL helps to build sustainably and earn certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL, VERDE, and LEVEL(s).

Security and Durability: Safety is essential in high-rise buildings. TENTAL offers the highest levels of burglary resistance. It also provides exceptional weather-tightness performances, with air permeability up to Class 4, water tightness up to E1500 Pa, and wind pressure resistance up to C5. Our curtain wall system offers robust safety and durability alongside its beautiful appearance.

GEODE: A Comprehensive Curtain Walling System

Our GEODE curtain walling system is another example of form and function coming together in the perfect package. High thermal performance and a wide range of aesthetic possibilities – all on the back of one comprehensive system.

Visual Consistency: GEODE’s system arranges mullions and transoms with a single 52 mm profile, ensuring a uniform visual appearance on the façade. Full-height or trame, structurally glazed or with beaded or inclined glazing – GEODE offers a consistent look and beautiful visual impact.

Technical Performance: GEODE performs excellently in all areas. Thanks to its integrated thermal break and high-performance glazing, it decreases the building’s energy demand for heating, lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning. The robust design and superior quality of its components ensure excellent long-term performance and minimal maintenance – essential considerations for any high-rise building.

Creative Details: GEODE’s innovative range includes several unique details. Concealed opening vents, for example, maintain the external appearance of the façade while offering practical, visible ventilation. A wide range of infills, including glass and insulated panels, can be incorporated into the system, giving designers the freedom to choose the ideal solution for each project.

The Practical Benefits of Technal’s Offerings

Installation: TENTAL and GEODE are easy and efficient to install. TENTAL’s patented dry connection systems avoid the use of glues and sealants on-site, saving time and reducing waste during installation. GEODE’s strong design ensures precise and stable assembly, facilitating high-quality connections and superior overall performance.

Sustainability: We take our environmental responsibility seriously at Technal. The use of recycled materials, such as Hydro CIRCAL aluminum and xPET thermal break elements, reduces the carbon footprint of our products without compromising on performance. These materials contribute to sustainable construction and certification, and are an environmentally responsible choice for any project.

Innovation: Technal’s curtain wall systems offer vast future-proofing possibilities. Large infills, high load resistance, and compatibility with next-generation window, door, and sliding systems – our offerings give architects and developers unparalleled choice and inventive functionality.


On the UAE’s dynamic and diverse skyline, beautiful high-rise buildings are a mainstay of modern construction. Technal’s TENTAL and GEODE curtain wall systems rise to the challenge of combining aesthetics with functionality and creating façades that will endure for decades to come. By using cutting-edge technologies, environmentally-friendly materials, and creative solutions, we offer the ideal combination of practical and aesthetic benefits that architects and developers demand from aluminum cladding and curtain walling solutions. From safety and security to energy efficiency and unique visual impact, Technal’s offerings are the perfect choice for UAE skyscrapers.