Improving Building Safety and Aesthetics with Technal’s GYPSE Glass Balustrading System

Technal’s GYPSE Glass Balustrading System
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Improving Building Safety and Aesthetics with Technal’s GYPSE Glass Balustrading System

In modern architecture, the balance between aesthetics and safety is key, especially in urban environments where glass is used extensively in building design. At Technal, we know the importance of providing solutions that not only enhance the visual beauty of buildings but also their safety.

Our GYPSE balustrading system is proof of this, offering custom glass railing designs for balconies, glass stair railings, and glass balustrades to suit various project requirements while prioritizing safety. Let’s see how and why.

Balustrades and Building Safety

Balustrades are key to building safety, providing protection from falls from elevated surfaces such as balconies, staircases, and terraces. They are barriers that prevent accidents so residents and visitors can move around these areas safely. Technal’s GYPSE system is designed with this in mind, meeting the highest safety standards to provide robust protection.

Technal’s GYPSE Balustrading System: Design and Safety Benchmark

The GYPSE balustrading system is sleek and scalable, suitable for various architectural applications. Whether it’s for a modern façade, an atrium, or a residential renovation, GYPSE offers endless possibilities to combine safety and aesthetics. Its versatility is one of its greatest assets, allowing it to fit into different environments while maintaining its core function of safety.

Two Construction Options: Double Post and Single Post

GYPSE has two options to suit different architectural requirements:

  • Double Post: For projects where balustrading is a key element of the building’s graphic design, such as facades and atria. The double post design can support multiple materials, stainless steel, wood, glass and composite panels, perfect for architectural statements.
  • Single Post: For traditional residential renovations, the single post design is sleek and elegant and fits with various interior styles.

These principles allow the GYPSE system to meet the most demanding design requirements while meeting safety standards.

Sleek Aesthetics for Modern Architecture

At Technal, we believe safety should never come at the expense of beauty. The GYPSE system proves this with its sleek aesthetics and minimalist design. The system’s design is free of visible fixings for a clean and sophisticated look. The single symmetrical post, 50 x 24 mm, is reversible for straight runs and corners for added visual appeal.

Handrail options are rectangular and round, with dimensions to suit various architectural styles. The discreet handrail and mid-rail brackets add to the sleek design, so the GYPSE system doesn’t draw attention to its structural elements.

Customization Options: Infills and Design Styles

One of the key features of the GYPSE balustrading system is the wide range of infill options and design styles. Infills can be on the outside face, inside face or between the posts, for flexibility in design and installation. This flexibility is essential for creating custom glass railing designs for balconies and glass stair railings to match each project’s unique vision.

The infill options are:

  • Vertical Railings and Running Band Beneath Midrail: Standard or decorative versions, St Andrew’s cross or “steamship” styles.
  • Glass, Sheet Metal, and Composite Panels: Mix and match to create a unique look that matches the building’s architecture.

Additionally, the GYPSE system can be used for balconies, swimming pool safety barriers, and other applications where safety and aesthetics are key.

Performance and Compliance

Safety and performance are at the heart of the GYPSE system. It meets the latest standards for horizontal loads and glass infills for maximum safety. Several Technal patents are behind the GYPSE system, proving our innovation and reliability.

Summary: Safety and Style with Technal’s GYPSE System

In summary, Technal’s GYPSE balustrading system is the solution for architects and builders to improve safety and style in their projects. With its flexibility and wide range of customization options, it’s suitable for high-rise buildings to residential renovations.

The GYPSE system meets the highest safety standards and has sleek aesthetics that match modern architecture. Combining glass, wood, and composite panels, it provides a sophisticated and elegant look that enhances any building.

At Technal we are always innovating while safety comes first. The GYPSE balustrading system is proof of that, beautiful and safe. Whether you’re designing a high-rise building or renovating a heritage home, Technal’s GYPSE system has what you need to make your vision a reality.