Designing Iconic Skylines: Technal’s Contribution to Jeddah’s United Tower

Technal’s Contribution to Jeddah’s United Tower
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Designing Iconic Skylines: Technal’s Contribution to Jeddah’s United Tower

In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the United Tower is under construction. This spire, upon completion, will have a height of nearly 1km, earning it the title of the tallest building in the world, an honor currently held by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE.

An architectural marvel, it’s one that will serve as a leading symbol of the Jeddah Economic City project and, with its futuristic design, is one that requires the very best in every piece of its construction. Technal is proud to play a role in bringing this monolith to life with our superior curtain wall products, and know that this new tower will be the watermark all high-rise buildings UAE skylines will hope to match.

In this blog, we will discuss how our cutting-edge TENTAL and GEODE aluminum curtain wall products helped shape the splendor and functionality of United Tower.

The United Tower: A Symbol of Modern Engineering

Despite still being under construction, the United Tower in Jeddah is set to become one of the tallest buildings in the world, with a planned height of nearly 1km. It’s poised to tower over even the mighty Burj Khalifa, the jewel of high-rise buildings UAE skyscrapers haven’t matched yet.

With a neo-futuristic design, one that fuses aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, its graceful design, inspired by new palm fronds that grow abundantly in Saudi Arabia, is also practical in its ability to reduce wind vortex shedding. This helps to create stability while keeping building occupants comfortable and is vital in high-rise design.

Despite these many design innovations, aluminum curtain wall systems are a design element that cannot be overlooked. This is where Technal and our expertise in curtain wall systems become indispensable. Let’s see what makes our TENTAL and GEODE products so special in this regard.

TENTAL: The Circular Façade Solution

Technal’s TENTAL curtain wall system is a masterpiece of modern engineering, designed to meet the high demands of contemporary architecture. With 50 mm and 60 mm wide aluminum profiles, TENTAL allows for the creation of modular curtain walls with large-sized glazing units, maximizing transparency and minimizing the visibility of profiles. The United Tower will benefit from this, especially since high-rise buildings of similar design can improve their aesthetics and functionality quite simply by integrating expansive glass surfaces.

With its selection of either capped or semi-capped designs, TENTAL further boosts aesthetics by helping architects craft unique façades that include silicone glazing and bead glazing options that bring their creative visions to life with improved versatility and adaptability.

One of the standout features of TENTAL is its commitment to sustainability. The system incorporates Hydro CIRCAL, an aluminum made with a minimum of 75% recycled end-of-life aluminum, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

The thermal break elements in TENTAL are made from recycled xPET, giving a second life to everyday water and beverage bottles. This focus on eco-friendly materials aligns with the growing demand for sustainable building practices, making TENTAL an ideal choice for projects like the United Tower, which aims for environmental certifications such as LEED and BREEAM.

GEODE: A Comprehensive Curtain Walling Suite

Complementing TENTAL, Technal’s GEODE curtain wall system offers a complete suite designed for high thermal performance and a wide range of aesthetic options. Utilizing a consistent mullion and transom grid, GEODE allows designers to vary the external appearance of the building envelope while benefiting from a fully integrated system. This flexibility is crucial for large-scale projects like the United Tower, where different sections of the façade may require distinct treatments to achieve the desired visual and functional outcomes.

The GEODE system excels in combining the creative and visual demands of architects with the practical needs of contractors, developers, and occupants. It simplifies the technical aspects of manufacturing and installation, ensuring optimal quality and cost efficiency. The discreet and consistent 52 mm profiles for mullions and transoms provide a uniform appearance, enhancing the building’s overall aesthetic.

 The Aesthetic and Functional Benefits of Technal’s Curtain Walls

Like all our aluminum-based offerings, TENTAL and GEODE contribute as much to buildings’ appearances as their structural integrity. We aim to provide multiple options for architects so that their designs have every chance of becoming real, all while delivering components with high-quality aluminum profiles that are durable and require little maintenance.

As an example, TENTAL can help manage solar gains through its ability to integrate solar shading systems within the curtain wall. This is a very useful feature for high-rise buildings like the United Tower located in environments where high temperatures and intense sunlight are everyday challenges. Similarly, GEODE reduces energy consumption for heating and lighting thanks to its thermal break and high-performance glazing options.

Conclusion: Technal’s Legacy in Shaping Iconic Skylines

United Tower’s eventual completion in Saudi Arabia will see it stand as a shining example of high-rise buildings UAE skylines will seek to match in the future. Its many architectural and design innovations are improved thanks to our TENTAL and GEODE aluminum curtain wall designs. Whether in the UAE or Saudi Arabia, Technal is ready to bring our innovative aluminum solutions to the next iconic skyscraper project, but for now, Jeddah’s United Tower will stand as the flagbearer of our commitment to quality and superior design.